The Distance Future Idea

8N88N8 Member Posts: 164
I'm not sure if someone's posted an idea like this before, but I think The Distance would be kind of interesting where if instead of there being one path that you go down until the end, the path splits into 2, or branches off into multiple different paths that you can go down, with each path offering different rewards. That way, if instead of going down a path where they're offering, say, Sasha tokens, you can decide to go down a path where they are offering Daryl tokens, or something along these lines.

What do people think?


  • mikpay2316mikpay2316 Member Posts: 110
    I like it
  • D33J91D33J91 Member Posts: 107
    I really like this idea!!
  • tallinietallinie Member Posts: 393
    @rfg1982 you dont need to do distance twice a week. similarly as im not doing challenge on weekly basis any longer (i may consider to visit my old guild for a week or two next year though)
  • axl144axl144 Member Posts: 61
    Great ideea @8N8 but I don't think it will become reality because that would give us a choice in what rewards / tokens we should get... I hope I'm wrong with this :)
  • 8N88N8 Member Posts: 164
    Thanks @Teeceezy and all others!
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