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What about CHAPTER 15


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    It got nerfed

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    The baby died because they couldbt find the shots she needed to survive, how did Judith make it?
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    It would be fun to replay them again. I've pretty much forgotten the story line.

    Truth!! To replay them, low early round rewards or not, would be cool to play over again.

    Oh, and +1 on Chapter 15....and 16....and 17....and 18..........
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    I am pretty sure Stu is going to make an appearance on chapter 15. It's scheduled for April 2021.


    Probably making a video!

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    > @skynet1987 said:
    > And??????????????

    And some hero tokens.....
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    I addressed this in another thread like Mabiki kindly pointed out:
    Teeceezy said:

    While we'd love to bring more story missions to the game, none are currently in the pipeline. :)

    Teeceezy said:

    The simplest explanation is that Season Missions and Challenge map sets take priority in the limited development time we have.

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    If challenge maps is a focus. Can we get some new ones? For them to be a focus we sure see the same ones alot

    While it may seem like we don't add new maps, I'd like to point to both what I quoted previously in this thread and what we've released over the past year:

    Update 2.3: Alexandria & 48 new Scavenge maps
    Update 2.4: Season 7B Missions
    Update 2.5: After the Wildfire & Quarry Junction
    Update 2.6: Highlights Missions
    Update 2.7: Farmlands & Army Base
    Update 2.8: Season 8 Missions
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    Couldn't you convert some season missions into challange maps? Say six from each? I love some of the maps but the rubbish rewards and basically being really easy put me off playing them.
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    Good feedback and suggestions guys, appreciate it! :)
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    Chapter 15 would be soooo easy to write story line for and tie into the show. Rick just found Angie's baby with Morales

    AWESOME!!!!! I love it!!!!!!
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