Season 8 mission 4 Glenn as the token reward?

This is a Carol and Ezekile mission and the reward tokens are Glenn? Is this correct?


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    I went to the forum specifically to mention this :smiley:

    Why not Carol? What is this, a tribute to the long departed? Or the amount of kingdom people's insides in the episode gave this idea? Or NG thinks our Glenns aren't golden enough yet?
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    MrRosado said:

    This is what I got back as the answer to why we are getting Glenn tokens

    Dat font doe...
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    Or atleast we could've got some Michonne tokens wouldn't that make more sense then Glenn or Gleen whatever his name is now since she's a warrior
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    Ok i just made an account only for this. I really think this is a huge slap in the face of all players. Evetybody knows like a running gag that we have all enough glenn tokens and they still do this. This is a troll move of ng and such a bad move. I spent a lot of money to get hero tokens and then they make a troll move like that. I am really angry about this and wont buy any telefonenes anymore. Such a bs...
  • ladre5ladre5 Member Posts: 141
    Everybody liked glenn thats not the point. Can u imagine the duscussion they had? Lets give the community 32 hero tokens but not those they want like abe or sasha. We give them instead glenn tokens harharhar and troll them. This will be very good for our business! Yeah lets do that and troll them harhar
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    Usually that slot is reserved for Jerry, but as he is hero of the week, Glenn was chosen in place of him as he's a hero many players are able to either unlock or upgrade early enough in the game.
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