Fresh suggestions i think everyone would agree on, +1 this

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I feel everyone would agree on these five suggestions if they are possible, as legendaries, or maybe even super legendaries. We all have to admit that the game is getting better and more interesting, with these added things it would be even more so.

1) would like to play as a walker that kills other walkers, would have to look cooler than the fatties (maybe resident evil-ish)

2) would like a survivor that can have up to 3 (michonne's pets) like comes with 1 pet at lvl 14, then get a 2nd at lvl 16, then 3 at lvl 18, something like that, this survivor needs to be super badass, to have the pets be a cloak so walkers cant sense the survivor, and shields that the raiders would have to get past first, would take substantially longer heal times and an extra spot in the hospital if the pets go down and survivor injured.

3) a survivor that is covered with walker blood and guts that is basically in stealth mode.

4) and a survivor that has a dog that can be sent to a walker that puts the zombie or raider in a struggle for 3 turns against 1 opponent or 2 turns for 2 opponents, and the dog would take a spot in a hospital for healing in the hospital if injured as well as the survivor if the survivor is injured also.

5) combined weapons with more damage, like a police baton, or a pipe with a knife screwed or duct taped to the end.

If you would like to see these suggestions happen, please @ the people who would need to see it, and @ others on here to get them to see it.
I am @'ing some now basically everyone that shows up in my auto complete to get you to see it, +1 this and if you think of anything else that corresponds to these or could make these suggestions even better please add it

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    Is it serious thread or you drinking something atm ??? :)
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    I'd like to see the mods apologize for abusing their power on this forum. Can you make that #6?
  • LanceLance Member Posts: 568
    1-) Walker vs walker does not fit walking dead universe.
    2) Fit the setting, but need major work on the game UI.
    New Item Slot

    Survivor should be able to carry 1 consumable item beside their weapon & armor.
    Med kit, Grenade, smoke grenade, silencer (gun do not attract walker for 3 turns), music box (walker move toward the box), bloody shirt (immune to walkers for 2 turns), RPG etc...

    4) Dog not a bad idea, but it would take a survivor slot in the mission, to work with the current game.
    5) Does not fit the universe much or add something fun / needed

  • @Lance

    Well gas doesnt spontaneously appear in any universe, and make shift weapons are part of the walking dead, remember in the container at terminus, dog can be a sidekick so dont have to take another slot on missions, basically they do have a med kit, if you're bleeding and it uses a turn to fix it then that is basically a med kit, grenades would be super cool though, basically for the walker vs walker is cause i would like to play as a zombie, just like i would like to have a clown as a survivor, an option instead of grenade could be a kitchen timer


    Its their game what do you expect, they are hereto make money, that is their job and their main focus


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    @i8azmbe yes, lets ask for feedback and then delete all negative feedback. smh.....
  • @ghosted

    If that happened, thats messed up
  • ghostedghosted Member Posts: 11
    not if...when....happens all the time and very few know about it
  • @ghosted

    I havent seen it, but that sounds very messed up
  • WTF..... Have I stumbled into a developers Meth/crack den??????
  • LanceLance Member Posts: 568
    I can not believe my thread has less traffic, need to smoke something and revise my suggestions.
  • I guess i stand alone with my suggestions, @WastelandDan in zombieland duct taping weapons might be whats needed after bullets run out. @Lance isnt your thread just other peoples suggestions from wiki except for the med kit one but that is already technically in there with the healing of the bleeding,
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    @i8azmbe wow! I have to give kudos to imagination for sure! If there is a zombie apocalypse I'm looking you up!

    The camouflage could be cool - guts covered sheets a reward like gear?

    The dog..... I just don't even know. There haven't been any pets (except the goat)

  • ghosted said:

    not if...when....happens all the time and very few know about it

    I know about it.
  • AhexAhex Member Posts: 78

    @i8azmbe wow! I have to give kudos to imagination for sure! If there is a zombie apocalypse I'm looking you up!

    The camouflage could be cool - guts covered sheets a reward like gear?

    The dog..... I just don't even know. There haven't been any pets (except the goat)

    I like the goat idea. Hospital time is cut half, because survivor has a *uck goat.

    How about Leatherman multitool for scout allowing multiple attacks.

    Also potato gun would be nice.

    And where is my lawnmover
  • MikewarriorMikewarrior Member Posts: 28
    Nah, minus 1 to all
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 669
    edited February 2016
    @Mikewarrior boring
  • @Ahex yes you can cut my grass anytime, let me know when you get the lawnmower
  • @WastelandDan but the multitool is good for getting zombie chunks out your shoe treads
  • Tinner1Tinner1 Member Posts: 1
    What I would like to see is an automatic zombie killer on the fence and automatic tent and farms collection with payment of a gold coin a day. Keeps devs happy and for us who only have a little time growing our community. Dual weapons would be cool I like that idea.
    Tinner1 Freedom fighters
  • timflo83xtimflo83x Member Posts: 88
    #1 would be awesome and reminds me of Left 4 Dead. Looks like in the outpost we will be able to level up zombies, but not do combat or anything.

    #2 and #4 In the comics, there's a pet tiger. Perhaps they can roam around with the survivor while on the mission, doing combat or anything would probably be too difficult to implement.

    #3 could be a new costume to have your survivors wear. I don't like spending gold on those, so I would never have it.

    #5 all I can think of currently is the game Dead Rising!
  • @timflo83x finally someone liking these suggestions, but for your second point 2 cant be included, im guessing you dont watch much walking dead

  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    edited February 2016
    1) no
    2) if you watched the show, Michonne's pets don't do anything... so no
    3) this one is pretty cool... i can see a mission based on this
    4) dogs can't get into a struggle and it is a hospital not a vet... so no
    5) no

    I have said this before, instead of all these ideas, just ask for an "I win" button... because that is basically what you want...
  • timflo83xtimflo83x Member Posts: 88
    @i8azmbe I definitely watch the show and know about her two pets. I go to SDCC every year and was able to snag a picture as one of her pets! I just prefer the comics, so I reference that instead. B)
  • @timflo83x oh cool, i never read the comics
  • @Helio in reference to 2, if you watched the show you would know she used her pets to mask her scent to provide camouflage
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