Episode 13, MIssion 1

sborgsborg Member Posts: 562
is there a secret? I've been trying with 2 15 lvl hunters and 1 15 lvl shooter. The best I've done is to get all 3 off the tracks and onto the grass in the area to the left of the exit. And then comes the spawn.


  • sborgsborg Member Posts: 562
    Got it. Have all 3 of the survivors up on the tracks 2 moves before the second spawn.
  • DonnieWaLkNDeAdDonnieWaLkNDeAd Member Posts: 115
  • AhexAhex Member Posts: 78
    Was it hard? I did it with lvl 14 rare hunter, lvl14 rare shooter and lvl13 leg warrior. Their gear wasn't best available, because I haven't got best suitable for them.
  • sborgsborg Member Posts: 562
    Hard enough. Took 5 tries. I did it with two lvl 15 hunters and a lvl 15 shooter.
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