Ideas for camp expansion!

Supplies trade in the market and weapon upgrades in the gun shop!


  • xxarea83xxxxarea83xx Member Posts: 221
    Ground beef special in Glenn's meat market? Savage!!
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  • Nick37Nick37 Member Posts: 458
    Seriously though, could do with a cake/cookie shop.
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  • TransmuteJunTransmuteJun Member Posts: 2,077
    Nick37 said:

    Seriously though, could do with a cake/cookie shop.

    Run by Carol?
  • autumn_ashautumn_ash Member Posts: 325
    @Serp those dark passages are reminding me of TES Oblivion Imperial city shops
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  • autumn_ashautumn_ash Member Posts: 325
    We could use some tomato refinery. Biofuel!
    Or better, a diner to get survivors something to eat. Tomato soup. Mashed tomatoes. So they can heal faster. And have an ongoing bonuses in fights. Tomato a day keeps the walker away.
    Tomato fabric would be nice to extract moonshine and artificial wood - to make TG crates! Tomatoes to defend yourself from raids - you know, slippery when tomatoes.
    Shiva cage as the part of the Outpost defence (random chance to get attacked by the tiger on your raid). Also, we seriously need a lot more different walkers in outposts. Like, you have all casual types but also can choose from Goo, fire, grenadiers, and pick only one additional type of your new party rockers. Wouldn't this be fun?

    Also, and this time it's serious - what about some blacksmith functionality? Turn your guns and sternums (Duuude!.. Sternum!) and tomato cans of course too into badges and more efficient weapon! Make the resources interchangeable! Expand the craft to weapons!

    And I personally want Hershel and Tabitha as a heroes (yeah I know guys no more heroes but c'mon HERSCHEL and TABITHA they deserve it)
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  • ProjectX7ProjectX7 Member Posts: 156
    I think there should be an option to add more types of walkers as defense in the outpost! Also they have Eziekel as a hero, where the hell is Shiva!
  • LordRyderLordRyder Member Posts: 49
    I vote for the capybaras.
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 3,908
    Add Dale's RV Repair Shop?
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