some update for outpost maybe?

淡水地鼠淡水地鼠 Member Posts: 278
1. revenge system-finding who raid your place and fight back

2. replay video like many people talk before

3. guild raid- team work and raid other guilds

4. or just anything new....



  • TroublemakerTroublemaker Member Posts: 1,471
    Long time wish of me too.

    Outposts are great but too flawed.
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 7,007
    It's @DoTak ?? :#
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  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 437
    I used to play Injustice Gods Among Us and I really liked that you could get revenge, watch the entire match and that there were different tiers for the challenge.

    It would be great if NG added some of these features.
  • autumn_ashautumn_ash Member Posts: 325
    Revenge have only one somewhat fun thing in - to fuel this vengeful feeling some people get when they were raided. But imagine if you're lost in the revenge strike - how would you feel then?
    Revenge is also practically useless - we don't get raided and lose our supplies, we have nothing to take back from our raiders (unlike in some other TWD games currently on market). Influence points can be restored immediately and sometimes in easier matches than you'd be in if there were a revenge mechanism. Another point - currently having lvl 20 survivors I'm constantly attacked by lvl 22. Revenge for fun (and this is the only purpose it can have now in TWDNML) would be from hard to impossible.
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  • autumn_ashautumn_ash Member Posts: 325
    Outposts may need to be reworked in terms of maps, its stages and purpose, and also the defence mechanisms - and in terms of walkers available to put on on your Outpost map. In theory, we can still have a few places for special walkers - but the choice what kind of walkers to put there must be wider, like, having swat walkers OR grenadier, or having fatties OR gooey OR spiked walkers on the spots.
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