What do we benifit from DR/HP badges

Hello survivors.

I'm a player from China.

Two months past since the badge system come out,did you ever get any SUPER BADGES?

Here're some super badges I have(seen):
Damage Reduction:19%+4%
Health Point:22%+6%

Which means we can get 80%DR or near 100%HP,with 3 super badges of the same set(Maybe takes years XD)

And do you ever think,from which badge do we benefit more?

As we all know,a survivor bruised by taking damage that higher than a certain percentage of HP.

The "benefit" I mean is the percentage of (Damage/Health point).

As the percentage is Y,HP is X,Damage is k,then:Y=k/X

If we have super badges(80%DR/100%HP):


↑Conclusion:DR badges are always stronger than HP badges,under any HP and Damage.

Let's make it more simple:

HP of Lv.23 survivors range from 3K to 8K in normal.

We can't choose which badge to craft,but we can choose a better badge to equip.

May this helpful to you.

(If there are any mistakes,please point it out~)


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