What's the best way to amass radios?

With the exception of paying for them, what's the most effective way get a whole bunch of radios? Is there a mission that can be repeated or something similar. I'm NOT trying to break rules/policies/TOS to be clear.

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  • redbaronredbaron Member Posts: 52
    Guapo, thx very much. I suspected as much, but I figured asking a question is better than living in darkness lol. As far as why save them, simple answer is i get a rush off of burning BIG piles of things. cool guys don't look at explosions B)
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    Guapo said:

    Better question is why would you want to save them?

    I regretted spending my radios cache a month before this week's event. It would have been great opportunity to score some hero tokens. Basically we are getting the same 15 radio call with the same chances of getting anything, but with increased hero tokens amount. That's not something to miss on.

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    Back to the original point, the only event they do now gives hero tokens, which are absolutely useless. The heroes are useful only for high rsl, and then only sasha. Tasha is useful in distance if you want to heal up a bit. Otherwise all other survivors are better. So saving for a special call to make idk, governor, a higher rsl is a waste keeping you from using those calls to boost up useful survivors. Unless you are collecting them to make your useless survivors better, absolute waste.
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  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,125
    Doubled hero tokens 15 call is good enough reason to hoard phones, simple really.
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,550

    Beach Life is the mission I think its called but its 1 gas and you can run straight through it. You can do this mission over and over and over. The rewards will be trash, but good thing radios and even frags aren't based on the level but rather random rewards.

    While it does not increase the chance of getting radio it does allow you to get the most crates by repeating the mission. More crates=more chance of radios its that simple.

  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    True you might find radios in Tara's Beach mission but not sure you'll find components or fragments.

    It's been a while since I've read about fragment/component drops and believe it has changed atleast once but I believe it's still based on mission level higher than the first two missions of season missions.

    I might be wrong. Maybe someone remembers the level components/fragments begin to drop?
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  • WellyLugaWellyLuga Member Posts: 2,478
    @TJS I read that they would only be found in missions which were RSL 15 and upwards. I don't run Tara missions often enough but can't say I've ever got any frags/components from one
  • PigPig Member Posts: 1,870
    @Guapo I don't agree. I pull out a few heroes even at very high levels. Well, very high for me, which is like RSL 29. I unlocked Michonne, got her to legendary, and got her close to a pink star but not quite, and I could do that only because I had 1000 phones in the bank.

    The result? Legendary Michonne with a 2 pink warrior and 2 pink scout (or with two 2 pink scouts) is an amazing team. Michonne adds enough effectiveness to the other two that it's better to have her than my other 2 pink warrior. Even before getting Michonne, legendary Jesus was useful. I still sometimes use legendary Abe, even at high RSL, or rare Sasha or epic Dwight, if the situation calls for it. Sasha and two assaults is a good team on a map like Archives. Dwight and two shooters can rock maps like Army of Three or BBQ.

    Anyway, the way to make not-so-useful (because of rarity) heroes more useful is more tokens, and the best way to get more tokens for them would be these special 15 calls, it seems to me, and the best way to take advantage of those is a radio hoard. I don't advocate total hoarding, but modest hoarding is wise I think. I kept a bank of 1000 and I'm glad I did.

    Moreover, there may be another good radio event some day, one that's good for regular survivors and not just heroes. If that happens, I want to be ready. After ICELS finished, I stopped hoarding, and then I regretted it when 15-for-10 came. One day there might be another good regular survivor radio event, and I'll try to have a hoard ready. And if there isn't? No worries. I won't lose any sleep over 1000 radios sitting there when I one day uninstall the game.
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