Don't let the humans get to you...

...let the zombies do the chewing! Let the zombies kill a human and watched them take 3 turns to eat the remains! Yay

yay Z Nation trailer now out for new season!


  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    Yeah, I like this.

    Sadly, some times their buffet blocks our way and we must interrupt their meal :)

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  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    letting a human enemy get to struggle and then die may cause you a star..

  • FizzyPinotFizzyPinot Member Posts: 355
    Ooh, just know I'm gonna get attacked by checking this theory out...
    yay Z Nation trailer now out for new season!
  • gabriel_lwhgabriel_lwh Member Posts: 454
    @AysatyoPet is correct, currently there is a bug where if you allow the human enemies to get into a struggle with a walker, you will lose a challenge star even though your survivors did not sustain any injury when you finish your mission.

    Safest way is to kill the human enemies outright if possible, so that you don't get wrongly penalised.

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  • AndriusAndrius Member Posts: 783
    @AysatyoPet @gabriel_lwh Agree 100%. This is currently a glitch
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  • JodipayneartJodipayneart Member Posts: 72
    Really so you get damage points for the human enemy getting damaged? What the heck?! Good to know thanks! I will inform my guild.
  • FizzyPinotFizzyPinot Member Posts: 355
    Tried it! I found I lost a star if the freemen got attacked by the zombies but I kill the freemen. If the zombie finishes off the freemen I don't lose the star. Not saying this is the same for everyone but that's how it worked out for me on my iPad. Good heads up though.
    yay Z Nation trailer now out for new season!
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