CONGRATULATIONS to Global Angels 2 for reaching 1 million stars

As a team, we have celebrated much together; members beating all chapter missions, those going The Distance in both player modes, unlocking new heroes, setting personal records in challenges, and setting new guild best records. And now we celebrate reaching 1 million challenge stars. Congratulations Global Angels 2, we did it! This is an amazing guild made up of great individuals.

LittleAssKicker: thank you, Mr. Beastmode, for posting high-level videos for us. Your strategy and tips have helped us reach new levels. Your pushing each week for the team inspires us to follow your lead.

Zhredd3: one day Zhredd, one day. The time will come when I will be the one to overtake you with 3 minute left on challenge clock. I will be making my move, be ready

Jenn: always killing it on challenges

Edward: thank you, thank you. You rock! 1k1day

Spunky: ***y doesn’t do you justice. Your name should be known by all! Always helpful with your game knowledge

Buckthis: NML, screaming, handcuffs, security, see you soon! Wait…that sequence sounded bad. I meant to say see you soon, handcuffs, screaming, NML, security. Whew, much better!

Riicky: bringing the heat each week

Ranger507: my fellow army vet, hooah! So glad Buckthis remembered you, btw your new minimum is 1,501.

Gasty: our distance guru. How you make it look so easy? And thank you for being GA2’s official translator! We’re going to need you to translate this post into Spanish, Korean, French, German, Klingon, Braille, Chinese…

Bonzi: thank you for blowing our minds without even trying! ;)

Sidu: waiting for you to take down LittleAssKicker!

@jammin : you will be missed. Your amazing skills each challenge definitely got us to this moment. When real life gives you more time, GA2 will be waiting for you. Some words used to describe you when you were gone: classy, great guy, boss, awesome.

Stealler1: the dead fear you! Killing it on challenges

DarkMonk: a great teammate. Time to celebrate

Beatriz: we did it!

Bud: our primetime backup, remember to smile for the camera!

Beavis: could not have made it without you

Pangpong: a great member to the team!

Javier: welcome to our crazy, but oh so fun, guild

Madi : where to begin? (I hear the music beginning to play so I will be brief) thank you for answering my request to join. For players to want to push every week says a lot. Your kind and wise nature helps to keep 60 different personalities in harmony. Okay, tearing up. Got any Kleenex?
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