Uncertainty of game

Hello hunters....when I first started this game it was epic in design and challenges.
Now its new season and challenges are not well thought out nor of equal or fair to
Players level...meaning no point to play if can't kill nothing !
Is this game geared towards buying things to upgrade faster just to be able to play ?
Such a shame...was a wonderfully awesome game
Now Zombie's over power and over walk survivors no matter how much you upgrade them they always weak and slow (survivors)
I love a good challenge but not if if cost me a billion in gold to do so.
Hope developer's rethink and redo the game..put it back when players had a chance at the level they were at and maybe more will join and or return to the game.
P.S. at least the show is doing great...awesome action this season !!


  • 1LostWarrior1LostWarrior Member Posts: 80
    If you compare the game from a year ago till now...
    So much changed in a way that they nerfed a lot of the fun out of it
    Again I like challenges but not to a point when you have to play almost all day just to pass one level.
    Fun is fun....not work !!
    Or I'm just at a level that just sucks the fun out ?
    Thanks for the understanding !
  • EL34xyzEL34xyz Member Posts: 1,872
    I like the new challenge format
    I hated the feeling of having to play or I would run out of time

    The challenge grind previously was horrible, and now it is perfect for me personally
    Just my .02

    I have been playing since 02/2016, so I have seen a bunch of changes since then
  • 淡水地鼠淡水地鼠 Member Posts: 278
    U Still can a be a F2P anytime
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