Road Survivors

This has happened twice now as I was collecting storages, killing walkers, ect at my base. I've seen a person walking from south to north on the road to the east of my camp. I tried to tap to interact with the person and it definitely wasn't a walker because it didn't stop at my fence. I had no phones so I couldn't try calling out. He just walked off of the screen and that was the last I saw him.

Has anybody else had this happen? If so, might calling out when these people are on screen the secret to finding rare+ survivors? If they're walking around on their own, and still alive, they've got to be pretty high level, right?!

Keeping a phone at all times to call out if I see another.


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    Interesting...I am quite curious to find the answer to this..please keep us updated
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    You had me curious, too. I have seen a man in a blue shirt walking down the road, or at least around the north side of the exterior of my camp. Before reading your post, I figured he was someone from my camp, out to check the integrity of the walls and such.

    Well, I had one radio left when I saw him again, so I gave it a try. No luck... I contacted a common scout. Oh well, I was really hoping it would work.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe it will work for you.
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    Could also be the "free men" that we hear about in episode 4?
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    Might also just be a bug, but since the game is relatively new it's hard to guess
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    I've seen the survivors from my camp walk through the fence. I think your seeing some of the same. Just a graphic issue.
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    I dunno whether is new update or my luck, after reading this post i keep notice to the map always and i saw once before and its disappeared very soon then i try call out but get a common survivor too.
    Today new update and i just start the game and doing mission. suddenly i see again from the same spot from right upper corner and i quickly click on radio and call out before it missing...
    Here is what i got..
  • stanley0508stanley0508 Member Posts: 10
    I will try if i got to meet these 2nd times
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