Fighting humans...any suggestions?



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    masmith93 said:

    There were a few times when I played the raider missons that I was prevented from shooting through the fence after a few turns and was forced to open the gate. Anyone else experience that?

    It's an interface quirk. If your survivor is standing directly across the fence you can't attack them. Bring another survivor right next to or behind the survivor standing at the fence and you'll be able to attack them with that second survivor.

    Basically, how is the game supposed to know if you want to open the door or attack the enemy that's directly across the fence from you. I would say that you would want to attack them, but the way the interface works, it opens the door instead. @OldGoth @eetu is this working as intended?
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    for raider's hideout i bring 2 hunters and an assault who has 100% interrupt. i kill 2 of 3 on each side through fence before opening. if you stand beside the gate where they could attack you, it draws them to come to you - then in overwatch with 100% interrupt you either kill them or hurt them without taking damage yourself. the Zs are easy to take care of especially if you put someone in the exit stripe, second from the left - it blocks a Z from appearing there and then they are all in front of you.
  • You could essentially just use 3 bruisers to defeat the raiders. Wack, stun, repeat. There are only a few on each level. Then allow the walkers to finish them off if possible. Until they drop shooters that is...oh boy. Too bad I trashed all my bruisers!
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    @thatdamngoodcire777 Until you start getting bodyshots. Then bruisers become less than useless once again. A shooter with range extension helps significantly for several of these maps. Normally I don't care about range extension, but this challenge makes it very useful.
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    Thanks @zoson
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  • Good suggestion. I've got a couple guns with +3 range that would do nicely!
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    Have the shooter charged so to double shoot the raiders as needed. Open the gates with another survivor. I would say use two shooters, but for these missions it really is not viable. Too many walkers to take out. But a +3 range charged shooter helps a lot.
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    zoson said:

    @Graywolf if you're on iOS 8 you can use 5kplayer as an airplay receiver to record your phone screen to your PC. Apple broke it for iOS 9 though.

    I'm on the computer with Blue Stacks EMU. I'm sure there is something out there to record the screen, I just haven't looked.
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    Perdtin said:

    I would say use two shooters, but for these missions it really is not viable. Too many walkers to take out. But a +3 range charged shooter helps a lot.

    im only using 2 shooter and 1 hunter in all challenge missions. its just a matter of getting used to it.. i think im well aware of how to use them properly now. And they are very useful in this challenge. keeping enough distance to shoot. while warriors are good, you have to charge to the opponent which makes him vulnerable to lurking enemies. unless you already memorize the maps and know where they are hiding.. so, it also comes down to getting used to it..

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    Must be just you? I'm up to 180*. 5 cans of gas and 25* on that mission, and it lets me shoot with 2 hunters still. I figured out early, that you need to kill the humans as soon as possible in the challenges. With them in those cages, and hiding, they can't get me, but by hugging the wall, you can just enough to get a shot through the gate.
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