Switching phones

I play while signed into Google play.
But am still scared to switch phones and lose everything. Ideas?


  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    You should be OK.
    I just put Minion Rush onto my new phone and didn't lose progress.
    However I play this on my tablet so can't advise on this.
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  • BlazemanBlazeman Member Posts: 7
    I have the same type of question. I started the game on my phone, but I want to continue on my tablet. How do I link them together?
  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    From what I have seen the developers say, as long as the platfrom is the same adroid to android IOS to IOS you should be fine.

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  • SlayerSectSlayerSect Member Posts: 634
    This is what I found on the player support page:

    Can I play on more than one device? (Android)
    Once you have your game connected to your Google Play account, you can use this account to load your save game on another device that supports Google Play.

    First verify that you original game is attached to your own Google Play account on your primary device. Open your game and go in to Settings. If the Google Play status states "Connected", your game is saved and attached to this particular Google Play account.

    On your secondary device, open the Google Play app and sign in with the same account. Install the game on this device and once past the tutorial, access the Settings Menu. Tap on the Google Play Sign-In button and sign in with your account. The game will now prompt you to load your original game.

    How do I save my game? (Apple)
    You can save your game by connecting it to a Game Center account. If you are using iOS 9, make sure to update to iOS 9.1 to improve Game Center's performance.

    Game Center is a pre-loaded iOS app that automatically saves in-game progress and allows you to access the same game's save data on multiple devices.

    Always keep in mind that Game Center supports only one save game for each game per account. Any attempts at trying to connect more than one game's save data to the same Game Center account will result in lost data.

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  • Metal_freakMetal_freak Member Posts: 36
    I am playing with the same google account in both tablet and phone and it worked fine without any problem. Even if the second time it starts from the first level it will say that detected another save which you can upload.

    I even leave run with the home button and switch devices without problem in the middle of the runs. The game is always syncronizing with the servers even the moves of your characters in the runs.
  • I have 2 exactly same LG Droids, 1 with a cracked screen so just got done installing to that cell before I uninstall on my good cell.
  • Ok latest 411, old cell downloaded game and started me from the beginning but after the mini movie it asked if I wanted to stay or resume my saved game.I chose my level 35 saved game. Now time to uninstall and reinstall on this cell.
  • DreadDread Member Posts: 450
    there is no need to swap installs on different phones.
    I did a full reinstall of lollipop and my saved game came right back after reinstalling the game and firing it up.

    if you have your game saved and connected to google play, you can play on other android attached to the same account, even if it's a half dozen different phones/tablets/tvboxes/toasters
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    My daughter and I both want to play Minion Rush at the same time on different devices but are not able to. Any suggestions?
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