Special Challenge Event Preview - 'Ultimate Challenge' Event



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    > @marie1980 said:
    > Not everyone uses the forum,would have been a good idea to have a vote on the actual game itself, just an idea .

    NG never held a vote anywhere.
    The vote (Poll) thread my mine, not NG's. I created it to help gain more feedback mainly to help players make a more informed opinion.

    The forum is a way for NG to gain feedback from players and all players are welcome to join the forum and provide feedback.

    The forum is the best place for players to be more informed about the game, therefore the best way for NG to gain good feedback from informed players.

    Nevertheless, the Ultimate Challenge System was run for 1 week to gain feedback and I believe 'ALL' that feedback will be useful for NG to improve the game.
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  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,916
    Yes yes, we all agree ...but..for what reason we can't go on this challenge?? It will be a really big cooldown switching back to the old challenge... :/
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    Just as a suggestion, IF we have to return to a normal challenge next week, maybe in the short term, NG can reduce challenge mission gas costs so we can get through the early missions more quickly at least :wink:
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    No Need that old too much grind again. Please......
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    https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PHDVHDW found this in some facebook group
  • capibaracapibara Member Posts: 6,916
    I'm not going to play next challenge...
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  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    Here’s the current poll we did at RickRollers/Ultima Legione:

    Not super representative, but I think it indicates that most of us like the new format and would like it to stay.
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  • marie1980marie1980 Member Posts: 182
    It is only fair when every player gets to vote not just players on the forum
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    > @marie1980 said:
    > It is only fair when every player gets to vote not just players on the forum

    What vote do you keep talking about?

    *edit to add

    There has NOT been any official vote on this challenge format. Any voting or poles you've seen are conducted by players or guilds.
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  • marie1980marie1980 Member Posts: 182
    Thats what I mean,there is voting on the forum but there needs to be an official vote on the game so everyone has a chance to have a say
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501

    Fair enough. Sounds wonderful but unlikely.

    Just so you are aware,
    I don't believe any changes that have happened in the game have ever been as a result of voting in forum.

    The only Official voting in game was for a few weekend events & weapon for Rufus from memory.

    Anyway, in reading some of your comments you appear not to have liked this weeks challenge. If you haven't read, the challenge is going back to the old system next challenge so you have nothing to worry about. ;)
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  • marie1980marie1980 Member Posts: 182
    I like you're comment about the only thing you can do as a guild is to get stars in challenge, I think it would be great to do more as a guild some how ,maybe something could be added to the distance .
  • CarlyCarly Member Posts: 3,035
    Although I am still playing the challenge, I feel now I can weigh-in with feedback on my playing experience on the ultimate challenge. And under the non-ultimate challenge I would play on Sunday too. So I am not finishing any faster under the ultimate challenge.

    My Likes: the double guild rewards and more tokens. round passes earned sooner. Starting at higher level. Never received legendary gear in the challenge crates so I can’t comment on that.

    My Dislikes: Starting at higher level. Under the non-ultimate format, I could have more rounds to earn supplies. And to say solution is to do scavenge missions is not really a solution for me. Scavenge is 6 gas, challenge is 5 gas, distance is 4 gas and I do not purchase gas boosters.

    What I would like to see: I feel NML is not f2p friendly. The challenge in both non-ultimate and ultimate start at 4 gas, then jump to 5 gas. It would be more enjoyable to me for the gas hike to go away with in challenges and remain at 4 gas throughout. Perhaps I could finish sooner instead of waiting for 5 gas for maps? It would be nice if the issue of supplies were re-addressed for those not maxed and still upgrading camps without being told “do scavenge mission for supplies.”

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  • SleeperyJeemSleeperyJeem Member Posts: 113
    Sigh. Well one good thing is l have one more round pass than usual, which helps. A bit.
  • Raven2318Raven2318 Member Posts: 221
    I understand NG wants to take time to look through feedback, although heaven only knows why in the case of this, if we are just looking at providing a sustainable, enjoyable long term game model, the feedback has to be overwhelming in favour of the new challenge. I suspect the bottom line is, the monetary figures have to come in from the bean counters.
    I’m with Capy; I am sitting the next challenge out. Not that it makes much of a difference, but having seen something so much better, I just can’t take up the mantle of disappointment and tedium again.
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