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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    Jaden said:

    I have not voted yet but so far I love the changes.

    I find myself replaying rounds that I would have accepted to be just 2 stars in order to be able to move on, trying another tactic. So totally agree on that point.

    I just commented to my guild on the in-game chat on this very point. I am presently 4 maps completed on L28.1, and I have 3-starred every single map thus far. I was only able to do that because I could replay maps that I got a bruise or injury on. Like @Jaden said, with the old system, I would simply move on with my two stars because I needed to push myself to my max, which would take the whole F'ing 5 days of constant playing to do (which was more laborious, and less enjoyable). Now, I can push myself to try to 3-star as far as I can because I have the time to do so by replaying maps if necessary. This is also significant because now, with fewer overall stars, every star has more value, so it's more important to try to get every star you can. THIS is what the challenge is intended to be!!

    I voted in favor of the new system early on, because I loved the very idea of it from the getgo. Now, having gotten as far as I have thus far, I can say without a doubt that I absolutely LOVE the new system. In my opinion, keeping this new system would be one of the best moves NG will have ever made.
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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    I'm really hoping that even though this was called an 'event' that it was really just a tester with a view to making it permanent and NG doesn't plan on reverting to the old challenge. I think the consensus from most people on the forum (and in my guild) is completely in favor of keeping it this way.

    Last week I got to 29.2 but due to playing the distance and xp scavenging to keep up with survivor/equipment upgrade demands I ran out of time to get further, that was wit h a gas booster one day too. I think I could have gotten further but I just didn't have the time and refuse to spend gold on healing, I'd rather save it to speed up much needed equipment upgrades. So far this week it's Friday and I'm a few maps away from beating 28.2 and have all weekend to try and push myself through 29 and maybe some of 30, I'll likely buy a booster to top up my exp reserves and play the distance but I'll also have plenty of time to chip away at the challenge without having to spend any money on gold :smile:
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    The RP bug kinda made me jaded about the challenge, with that being said, I do like it and one underrated thing about the challenge is by starting at higher level you have a better chance of usable gear in the mission crates when you complete a challenge mission.
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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    tallinie said:

    I was first thinking of voting "I dont like" because making this permanent would probably drive me back from retirement... Scary thought, I was already starting to enjoy all the spare time.

    You are back Skirm? :)
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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    less time consuming
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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    My "pro-ultimate" thoughts as I'm finally making my vote:
    - it's Friday and I'm already reached 24 lvl to which I rarely go - and I actually were able to nail 23 both first and second round, which is awesome;
    - it left me with nothing to do on weekend as I don't think I can go past 24 but wait the Distance but wait the scavenge; also I can, I don't know, read a book, go live a life or do some crazy things like that;
    - the lack of TG total from the challenge is a bit frustrating - so is life. Aaand I haven't noticed it actually.

    My "con-ultimate" thought - some of guilds members may be frustrated because now the toughest levels are closer and maybe someone who were more likely to earn stars in RSL<SL pool weren't be able or willing to try it on a bit more harsh ground. It would be unfortunate to have this issue in a guild. But anyway to hell with it.
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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    Love the new mode. The challenge is fun now. Don't even care about the rewards, just enjoying having to be tactical.
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    I don't like the Ultimate Challenge
    Great if you are a high level player. Sucks if you are not.
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    I don't like the Ultimate Challenge
    I voted I like it but would like to go back to old system. But if a few things were changed, I would love the new way.

    They want feed back, and thats wonderful! I hope we can state how we feel with out it being taken wrong. I love that NG tries their best to give the greatest game. Bugs happen, they saw the problem fixed it. We all are going to feel differently, but thats ok!

    They reduced the star amount we are possibly earning by about 30%. But they reduced what it takes to get to rewards by 30% also. Example 4 stars not 6 to first reward crate & 20 stars instead of 30 for first token crate. Thats a great balance! So far our 1200 to 1400 star players are in the 800s. I score around 1050 to 1100, and am at 650.

    The part I think that is getting to most of us is that they Both decreased the rounds in upper levels AND started us at higher levels. If it had been one or the other the change would have been more fair. As in , start us a the higher RSL but keep the 3 rounds per level OR keep us at a lower RSL but reduce the numbers of rounds in each level. I feel the worst for our lower leveled gamers with this change. Would also lowering the gas to a straight 3 gas help in the grind issues?

    I love not having the grind the whole weekend! I was able to play the Distance today which was great to not stress about guild stars!

    Also would NG keep the rewards as they are right now if they do make this permanent? Should token amounts be adjusted, 8 Glenn at high levels (well any level lol) seems low, should they adjust it as we earn more stars.

    These are just opinions of myself and other guild members. (not all but a lot). I visit guild pages and forums, and the feed back is so scattered. I know NG is trying to make everyone happy, which wont happen, but this is a step in the right direction. Just a couple minor changes and I think the system would great.
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  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,068
    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent

    It's really not as hard for lower level players as it may seem. And many people in the guilds I am in got to higher levels than they ever did. Of course, star count is lower. But with more time they also have more time to try something else.

    I was really happy to be able to play Distance and I will still have enough time to try and finish another challenge round which would get me to the highest RSL I've ever made it to (if I make - if I don't I still made it to the level of my PB).
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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    Here I am on Sunday and I got to level 28 last night. My previous best was 27. I was able to get farther in the distance too. I even bought a gas booster yesterday when I usually never spend money: instead of feeling pressured to buy and being resentful, I bought one to allow myself to enjoy all the different play modes without having to wait for gas. This challenge gets me to the fun parts quicker and makes me use my tactical sense sooner. Last challenge it was just rinse repeat over and over.

    Normally on the challenge I never have time to get to where it challenges me. I finish still getting 3 stars and am bored with the endless grind. Now I feel like I can really contribute to the guild and am still pushing when my team heals. I am at the top of my Forsaken 3 guild scores. And I look forward to moving up to Forsaken 2 next week if I can! Look out Forsaken 1 I am coming soon lmao.

    I have gotten so used to this challenge system in just one week and like it so much it may force me to quit if it goes back to the old system. I just can’t stand the thought of running out of time still 3 starring while doing the same boring grind. I also love having 6 round passes so far to push me ahead again next week to start at more hallenging levels. Hell I may buy gas again next Saturday and really enjoy my day off!
    This is the single best idea you have come up with for players who want to be competitive but work 60 hours a week. I am in love with the game again.
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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    The Ultimate Challenge has just ended and there's been an overwhelming number of players who voted in this poll and many great comments

    Thanks again everyone for participating!

    @Fearofabotplanet @Teeceezy @Shteevie
    I hope the information and feedback here helps in any decision to change or keep the challenge system.
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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    Challenge is over..

    Could you please close this thread now @David_H79
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    I like the Ultimate Challenge & would like it to be permanent
    Closed per OPs request
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