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Andrea deserve to be adding sooner in the game as heroe. She was a incredible survivor. She was the First women that killed a walker, the First who learned how to use a gun and the First who take care by herself. What do you think guys shall they add her or not? Why? In my personal opinion i hope that TWDNML decide to add her.


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    Andrea and Beth. New woman heroes
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    No thanks. Have enough heroes...Although another hero will probably be earned thru 2nd half of the Show episodes. Maybe Simon? Or the Garbage Pail lady?
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    Well I know Andrea shot Daryl but him seems like a walker. She slept with Shane but neither shane nor her was married or something like that. She was with the governor but she knews who Philips was, no. And when she discovered it out she stop. And she don't start the war she was trying to stop it with no death. She wasn't perfect but she was strong and a good leader and we saw it when the governor went crazy she calm Woodbury. Every character makes a lot of mistakes best example Daryl. For his fault Glenn its dead and someone else will be. Even Rick does. Andrea save Carol's life. She was a heroe that tried with all her strength make that two groups live in peace
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    Maybe but we are talking about tv not comic. But your right i have to accept it. But maybe in the tv show didn't let her become in something else Laurie Holden said " that she had a contract for 8 years. And Andrea supposed to be the new leader of Woodbury with Rick. Furthermore, she supposed to end with Rick as the comic "
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    But on the other hand, she was sexier in TV show than in comic... but still not better than Sasha of course. :d

    Previous season characters should be added on another Highlights Season after season 8 part 1,2 and replays of it, so don't speculate so fast xd
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    But she doesn't appeared 5 minutes she was in 3 season. So she deserve become a hero in twdnml
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    No more heros, at least none that have been dead longer than 3 or 4 seasons
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    Chingisca said:

    Andrea and Beth. New woman heroes


  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    Why Beth?
  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
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    I wish that in 2k18 twdnml finally decide to add her.
  • enigma12enigma12 Member Posts: 248
    Absolutely NOT! I can’t say how much I hated Andrea on the show and would hate to be reminded of her every time I play! Backstabbing, mullet wearing Eugene is bad enough! Lol
  • enigma12enigma12 Member Posts: 248
    @Jaden I agree 100%! I really hated Andrea and would hate to see her smug, insane mug every time I played the game! I really hated her!
  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    Are you serious? Why you hated Andrea so much? Maybe she made a lot of mistakes, but there's no reason to hated her. At least she didn't make anybody died. But tell me about Daryl? Oki he was the one responsable for Glenn's death and another one today. And you dont hated him?
  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    She was a good character and Andrea always want to try. Try to save life she dont even think in herself, she always think others. And i not saying that Daryl its a bad character because i love his character but he made mistakes as Andrea , but more worse. I know hes not the only one who make this mistake but a least Andrea don't made nobody's death.
  • anthony172anthony172 Member Posts: 681
    > @_Lily_ said:
    > Even if people didn't hate Andrea, they still wouldn't want another hero to be added to the game cause of the token dilution. With every hero added it gets that much harder to get the tokens necessary to make them usable.

    I dont know but the heroes, for me , is the reason that make me want to play this game. And we need more heroes, new and dead heroes. If they dont add more chapter at least add more heroes.
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    Daryl didn't kill Glenn but it was his fault. Why? Because Daryl hit Negan in his face, in other words he was the causer from glenns death. He didn't have to do that but he did. That's behavior always have within a consequence, etheir good or bad. And now Daryl and Tara will have another death in his hand. You have to open your eyes and face the true. If a have to accepted that Andrea committed mistake you have to accept that Glenn's death was Daryls fault, for his stupid behavior
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