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Ok, so I haven't been playing all that long, and I know there have been some changes to rescued survivor levels, but can someone help me understand more about this?
I went into the last mission in nightmare mode hoping to get a warrior that goes over 13, I took a legendary level 15 hunter, and 15 scout, and while I died at the very end so didn't get to keep her, my rescue was a level 10!! In nightmare mode.......I am player level 35, council and training center are as high as they can go for now, both 15.....can someone help me understand the rescue caps? Is it my training center that determines my rescue level? I do believe we should at least get a rescue person comparable to the level survivor we are least in nightmare mode! Am I misunderstanding here? I love the game, hate the human thing, but love the game so far!


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    PLently of threads on here about that.
    They have changed the level of the rescued survivor.
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    I understand that, I was just hoping to figure out if it was tied to training center level or current survivor level, I was unable to determine such in the threads I could find....thanks!
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    Found this.....not getting this at all.....
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    no it is -6 or -7 lv under recommend now.

    Rescue mission went from fun to crap.
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    Recommended level is 16 for that one, the one I almost got was level that's just starting, I couldn't see how far she went, cause I died so I was just wondering if I'm going to be getting anything even close to worth having...don't mind her starting at 10 if she can go as high as level 18 or so...hell just something higher than what I have, which the highest is 17.....thanks for the help guys
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    Wow....screen shot of my second try.....someone explain to me how this is even close to fair.......the dead one is the one I attempted to rescue......the hell.
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    Wow, you are late to the party! :)
    1) It sucks that they did this
    2) Even though there was a long thread they never replied.
    3) They are stubborn. It is their game and their rules... Period. You can complain all you want, they won't change their minds.

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    Thanks y'all! I wasn't sure if that was a glitchy thing, or just how it was....ill be damned if I'm gonna bust my ass and spend money to get that, so I'll just stockpile my phones until the next legendary and epic event and go nuts
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    Apparently getting the high level survivors on rescue missions was a "bug".
    Ummmm... Ohhhkay..... Seemed like a reward to me but whatever. It was a motivation for me to replay some of these - but not now.

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    Pretty crappy rescue! I don't think I've kept more than one rescuee because they were too low to keep. All they were worth was the xp they give to retire them.
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