I am an elder in a small guild of 5. We have to players that are lvl mid 60's myself lvl 40 and lvl 25 and 21. Every week the lvl 21 player smokes the highest lvl players by at least 100 stars. He will let you get


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    Close and then have guick burst and move away. My question is could this player be using some sort of mod? We have tryed asking however there seems to be a lanuage barrier
    Sorry for the post being split
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    Lvl 60 player avg 325 lvl 21 player over 400
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    Intresting, thanks for the eye opener.
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    I am a level 46 and I get 550-600 stars every week. I run out of time before I run out of potential to go further. I echo what the other people have said. Your level 60 player isnt playing to their full ability. They may be burnt out and prefer to coast. No cheating.
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    @JackBauer You May be 100% correct! The morons who are level 60 getting 325 stars whining about less stars! Lol
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    I’m afraid your level 60+ player is a slacker! They should be hitting 1000 stars easily!
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    It does not take much but gas and time to jump ahead.

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