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    Is there a timescale on when this update is due? With the help of the 5s survivor/equipment upgrade weekend I managed to max my bruiser and she was awesome so I am very much looking forward to the bruiser buff!
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    @OneVoice, The only thing Rosita needs are some boob implants. Just kidding ;).

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    Just because it does work on your iphoneX, doesn't mean it is a device issue. Sure, if you got more power, chances are you'll have less issues. It can still be a programming issue though.

    I'm confident NG doesn't want only iphoneX users to be able to play the game... :|
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    I'm using Samsung Galaxy s5 and not issues with lagging since last update.
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    Yes, previous update was already a big improvement.
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    Shteevie said:

    Hello, everyone!

    -The timing of the Ultimate Challenge was not intended to give the impression that we'd be making any part of it permanent in the update in just a week's time. the 2.4 Challenge update was a 4-month project, for example. We will be looking for an opportunity to run another, similar Ultimate Challenge event with tweaked settings, to see if we can find a combination that everyone likes and that meets our goals.

    @Shteevie So why was The Ultimate Challange listed under sneak peek of update 2.9 giving the impression it was to come in the next update? Also where is the double tap trait that was mean to come in 2.8 update ?
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    > @BiggyGuyinTWD said:

    > I'm no tech nerd, but... Isn't the "bug" with the flaming walkers a result of RAM demands? Or Data demands? Or some shiz like that?


    > And if I'm right (unlikely lol) it sounds like they ARE addressing that? Indirectly?


    > :|

    I was using an old iphone 6 until a couple weeks ago. the lag was horrendous with flaming walkers. I upgraded to the X, and now zero lag. it’s definitely a device issue, not programming.

    It is fault of device indeed. I don't experience this playing on better device. But I only use an 3-4 y old phone at work- even though the game works well in general meaning, the lagging starts as soon as the flaming ones appear. That's why dedicated button to turn such advanced graphical effects would be needed. The indication that a walker is in fire doesn't have to look so realistic (live flame)- it could be just the statical picture of flame above head or smth, for example: https://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/adventuretimewithfinnandjake/images/6/66/Flame_Person_10.png/revision/latest?cb=20120825104151
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    We look at all channels - we have a well-staffed community team [you know most of their names] that collect the opinions expressed everywhere. Each of these channels is as important to us as that others, and we will always do what we can to validate the things we're hearing by evaluating the player data that is collected as people play the game.
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    it would be a programming issue if it affected all devices using the same app, which clearly there is a huge variety of that within this community. If for example, an iphone 6 is experiencing the same lag as an iphone 8, and both are using the same app version and OS, it is software not hardware. Clearly this is not the case, as not everyone is experiencing the same issue across multiple devices, and multiple operating systems. I was using the same app version on my old phone, with the same operating system as my current phone, with serious differences in performance- therefore, hardware is the issue.
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    Sure, you can fix the issue by upgrading the gear.
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    Whenever you roll out the burning walker maps how about you do it during the ultimate challenge. The grind is bad enough, and mixed with lag its unbearable. Thanks

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    I agree that NG could have done a better job promoting the benefits of this new system, especially with mentioning how stars are relative and that EVERY SINGLE PLAYER will get less stars, which in turn negates any perceived negative effect of a lower score.

    If what @Shteevie said is true, that the vast majority of players value arbitrary star totals above all and are completely thrilled with pointing and shooting walkers that are -5 levels below their own, then I really think there needs to be two difficulty options for the challenge. I never really liked that idea but after reading his comments, it seems like the divide between what endgame players and lower level players value is even more drastic than I realized. I don't think there's much you can do to bridge that gap.

    However, all of the analyses of the Ultimate Challenge showed that it was much better in almost every way in terms of resources acquired vs. gas spent. If NG could properly communicate that part of it, that could eliminate many complaints. And if star totals being lower than before is what pissed off most people, why not tweak the round passes? Make everything triple instead of double. Will that completely throw things out of whack? Star totals will be higher for sure which would appease those who can't look objectively at facts. I don't feel like crunching the numbers so maybe I'm way off here. Who knows. Bottom line is that most of the complaints seem to be for "perceived problems" due to lack of understanding and communication from NG's part, and not really legitimate problems with the structure of the Ultimate Challenge.
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    Shteevie said:

    DBones said:

    Why can't the Ultimate Challenge be the new "temporary" challenge format in the meantime?

    -Because, frankly, the negative feedback and the player data we gathered about the event showed that it was a negative event for too many players. I know opinion here is almost unanimous, but the larger portion of the player base [especially among those that contacted support] were very unhappy with the event, and felt that the increased rewards paired with the tougher difficulty pace was somehow trolling them - creating a bunch of great rewards that they felt were pushed beyond their reach. Similarly, for a non-maxed player [still the overwhelming majority of all players], the star count is precious and coveted, and the decreases in earnings potentials were seen to be too great.

    The next iteration will try to use the balancing knobs we have to keep as much of the "speed up" as possible without cutting out too many of the "below par" difficulty levels that are, believe it or not, enjoyed and preferred by many. It will not be long before we can do that event - I'm hoping that it will be quite soon, maybe event at the start of the new year - and so I hope the players who are looking forward to it can hold out until then.

    Flaming Walker Effects

    -This is exactly the kind of thing that gets worked on, tested, and then we release with confidence that it improved gameplay on our range of low-end test devices [we have a separate set of test cases and devices just for the low-end or older device set]. However, it's simply impossible to know that this increase will be universally felt as there are too many devices to play on for us to be sure that some of them won't still suffer somewhat [though we think even they will see some improvement].

    Let us know how the next walker roast goes after 2.9 and I hope the news is positive.

    @Shteevie So why was The Ultimate Challange listed under sneak peek of update 2.9 giving the impression it was to come in the next update? Also where is the double tap trait that was mean to come in 2.8 update ?

    -I believe they happened concurrently, and were not tied together. If that is incorrect, I apologize, and we'll review the messaging with the Live Team to see what might have been misleading.

    Double Tap suffered from some game-breaking bugs, especially when combined with Revenge, and those have not been prioritized for fixing yet.
    This for me is a great post and one I'd like to see more of. @Shteevie you've been open and honest and given multiple good reasons for why the Ultimate format is not being adopted immediately.

    I'd love to see more posts like this in the future.
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    If the Ultimate Challenge ain’t coming back can we have them around Passes every 3 Rounds? More passes means we start further in and at the same time we get more stars.

    This may be the simplest and most effective solution for immediate actions.

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    Great minds think alike eh @Shteevie ;)

    Just please make sure the round pass bug is fixed before that. o:)

    Probably making a video!

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