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MeatlegMeatleg Member Posts: 19
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Since weapons are not upgradeable after they are maxed out, I would REALLY love to give my old maxed out weapons to my guild mates that are still starting the game.

My survivors are all level 16 and 17 so my weapons that are maxed at level 15 are basically unusable for me. But if I could give the weapons in my aresenal to my guild mates, at their current maxed out state, then it would make my guild stronger. It would also make the game more enjoyable for newer players.

Thanks for the forums.


  • SmokeandMirrorsSmokeandMirrors Member Posts: 338
    I would love to do this too. I think it would be a wonderful reward for hustling during the challenges. I have a lvl 20 gold rifle that my hunters have moved past. Would love to share it with my lvl 17 guild mates.
  • MeatlegMeatleg Member Posts: 19
    I would love to give my level twelve mates the Rufus bundle weapons that are maxed at 15 now.
  • CAHEKlolCAHEKlol Member Posts: 5
    Not sure about "give" weapon but having some kind of trading system would be awesome in this game.
    Something like auction house for example.
    Somewhere along those lines, but yeah i agree, it's quite ridiculous to grind so much for a weapon to lvl it up and to just destroy it for few thousand exp at the end.
  • dandancar77dandancar77 Member Posts: 317
    good luck. people here been asking that for two years. it will never happen.
  • MeatlegMeatleg Member Posts: 19
    Still sad that no action has been taken on this. It seems so easy to implement. And a great way to reward your guild mates after a successful challenge run.
  • The_OvercomerThe_Overcomer Member Posts: 182
    Now what about crafting new traits and upgrading weapons to higher levels anf crafting like the badge system for weapons. You collect weapons parts, craft traits then pay to upgrade in supplies or gold or what ever, both vests and weapons. Clear winner I think... MOre things to play for scavenge in rewards instead or pissy 3 star and under weapons and vests which are useless.
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