Outpost raid name game...loving it!

Best time ever visiting outposts and seeing creative characters like LolaLucious...a granny with a machete in Rositawear and Ridemycarbine character decked out like Merle...wish we could have more fun with it and see the character names as well as the outposts that raided us...creativity kills more zombies...

So many people go for strictly defensive action...hey...i’m In it for the character comedy!

Thanks for the great outpost laughs!!!


  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    The best one I came across some time ago had these names on their defenders;

    "Kiss" "My" "Ass"
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  • TJS...TOO funny!...I saw one and their players were “please” “don’t” “kill us”

    Thanks for sharing
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