Game suddenly not saved and wanting to save 35 levels lower?

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Logged in Friday night and gotta pop up that my game wasn't saved and needs to be "restored" but at lvl 31. I'm lvl 66. Contacted support with still no reply. Saved my game last month to transfer to new phone and has always shown saved 8n upper left hand corner of the game. Can anyone help? Worries the update will come before this is sorted, starting over at lvl 31 will surely end my long life in nml. @Teeceezy sticky post says game can be recovered in play center but I can't find anyway to do it there. Anyone been through this and can can help me out? Thanks


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    @FearMeDaryl , i had exact problem, dont play game wait till support contacts you, you will have to sign in when they tell you and they will fix your level, when you email them make sure you include your google sign in name, in game name, guild name, plus of course your email, the first time this happen last year support didnot help me, so i had to restart game, I was level 48 and started me at lvl 3. This time was level 65 and wanted me to start at lvl 3 I said no way not again, Do not let them say they can't fix cause they can. Support Tech MR. GRIFF helped me and quickly.
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    Thank you @ladyfarleigh13 ! I will send another ticket with my email and Google sign in. Appreciate your help!
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 6,673

    This usually happens because only one save game can be linked to a Game Center or google play account.

    Support can help.

    It’s happened to other users and it’s very similar to lost game procedures, here’s another thread with the same issue that was resolved successfully.
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    Thanks @zbot ! Just read the thread, seems like it should be a simple fix.
  • TripodTripod Member Posts: 130
    They have saved my game and fixed the problem. @zbot it was as simple as logging in this morning and instantly I noticed the game was saved with a reply from support asking if the game was now saved. Didn't have to follow any procedures to get my game back! Was very simple, I did provide all information about myself and guild upfront. Idk what originally caused this problem, but it's been addressed and I'm much relieved. Thanks for the help folks!
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