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    The main problem I have with the Challenge is it is entirely predicated on boring grind. I say "boring grind" because once it becomes sensibly challenging it ceases to be grind for me.

    A much better, but almost entirely implausible solution, would be to redesign it from scratch to remove the boring repetition and the need to constantly increase difficulty to show progression. Ideally the challenge should be challenging, but achievable, immediately, based on your current level, with any increase in difficulty being both gradual and subtle e.g. small increases in armoured walkers, tanks etc. as you progress.

    I personally would prefer to immediately start at the level I find difficult, 27* and up, but achievable and play through 30** unique maps which gradually increase in difficulty. I'd also like it to be a finite challenge i.e. it has an end goal just like the Distance.

    I'm realistic and I know that there would be many players who likely would not like starting at a difficulty close to their maximum and playing at that level for longer, but I think this would make for a much more compelling game .

    * 27 is where I start to lose stars and thus it becomes challenging for me. This level would change based on individual player so for some it might be 4 and others 30.
    ** This should be a sensible number to allow a reasonable amount of play for both those on gas boosters and those without, but without taking the week it does now on the grind Challenge.
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    Teeceezy said:

    I agree that NG could have done a better job promoting the benefits of this new system, especially with mentioning how stars are relative and that EVERY SINGLE PLAYER will get less stars, which in turn negates any perceived negative effect of a lower score.

    It wasn't about stars, it was about how much a player can play and win missions. If the difficulty rises too fast, players earlier in the game can't play as much as they'd like to.
    I can see what they mean - we played a lot less challenge that week, and I probably played less overall too, since I didn’t want to bang my head on +6 walkers, I had plenty of trade goods, and zipping threw some scavenges to use up gas only takes a few minutes. If you want to play the challenge because you (somehow) enjoy playing it a ton at easy difficulty, you feel you got cheated, especially if you normally quit the moment stuff gets even a little hard.

    There’s probably no solution but to run multiple difficulty levels, but I don’t know how you do that and still do guild rewards by overall star count. Maybe more bonus in the early ultimate challenge mode rounds so the stars come out more or less the same? About a third more would do it.

    Or, gate challenge mode to a certain player level (say the same one where badges unlock), and give low levels something else to do.

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    So we werre told the update fix would be days and not weeks. Its heading for the week mark as we speak. Feeling very disappointed atm.
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    Teezceey said somewhere in another thread. It'll likely be Monday. (Tomorrow)
    We'll see.
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    Dear Shteevie

    Regarding the rewards for crate in scavenge and challenge .
    It's not possible this days to receive anything useful.
    I receive must rare or epic and if hit legendary it's most of the time level 22 and when I in level 23 it's not useful either.

    Regarding the new update will the NG team look at the rewards in crates ?
    Because I not understand or can see the reason why we can't receive legendary we need in crates !
    NG don't sell this in shop so NG don't lose anything to put some melee armors in crates.
    And with the price in shop it's not possible to get all gear from shop.

    Hope that NG can look at this and find away to increase the rewards in crates.
    I have stop play scavenge because of the rewards not longer useful

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    @Shteevie Most updates are addressed with “bug fixes”, suspected we should not be concerned about these being addressed. With that being said, would one of those be addressing the no rewards/videos? Hate to ride this horse all around the stable. Love the game, totally obsessed. LOL
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    > @jimmorrison369 said:
    > @dandancar77
    > Just because it does work on your iphoneX, doesn't mean it is a device issue. Sure, if you got more power, chances are you'll have less issues. It can still be a programming issue though.
    > I'm confident NG doesn't want only iphoneX users to be able to play the game... :|

    The only issue I have with my X is that when I start the game it freezes and wont load, so I have to close it and restart it
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    There is something coming with the next update to improve iPhone x usage.
    Not sure if it's just about the screen size or if there's more to it.

    I don't have an iPhone x but my game does freeze when loading from time to time but I've noticed this generally only happens when I have other apps running in background.
    An application manager app is helpful for this.
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    the display looks 100x better on the X now. thank you!!
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    edited December 2017
    Still checking things out but everything seems to be working fine. ie; No obvious bugs.

    The new quest system looks great. I'm sure we'll get more feedback on this as time goes on but in all, "I like it!"

    Edit to add;
    Larger in guild chat is a nice touch.
    And thanks for the gift too.

    Nice job :smile:
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    Delphinus said:

    After watching a video in the theatre how about removing "Play Now". Once you have selected to "Watch Another?" the video should just start. The extra click is redundant.

    As is the claim reward button. There's just no need for all these extra clicks.
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    the display looks 100x better on the X now. thank you!!

    Agree here.
    The only problem is to write in game chat messages now. ;)
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    The graphics in the X are crazy. It just feels like you just downloaded a new game.

    Probably making a video!

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    I can not access my game
  • iced1979iced1979 Member Posts: 65
    Been wasting gold on healing Hunter last day trying to get through 30/2, first try with Jesus warrior n scout knocked that [email protected] INSIDE OUT first try....love me new Jesus hallelujah
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