Someone know????

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Hi guys! Someone know ( approx) the distance from The Sanctuary to Alexandria in terms of time?....thanks


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    The distance of everything in The Walking Dead is: 1 stretch of the imagination - exactly.
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    I don't think the show has ever made an effort to clarify just how close or far any of the settlements are from each other.
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    Yes every time they travel the survivors have to complete 21 missions.

    Probably making a video!

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    @painwalker in normal or hard mode? :D
  • Depends is they are walking, driving or in the RV in a desperate situation...although now that is void since they blew up the RV.

    Apparently, since the apocalypse, people WALK MUCH FASTER THAN THEY DRIVE.

    Or am I the only one that notices that?

    If you are driving, there are a million ways the saviors block the roads. And, Eugene cannot read maps, so leave him home. If you are walking, it is only a few minutes.

    Hope that helps.
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