The Rodents gnawed 1.000.000 stars!!

Rodent Lord! Can you believe it? :D
The rodents broke the 1 millions stars milestone! :)

And thanks to NG to reward us with a rodent life size gold trophy :#

The 1 Million team! :p

Wanted to greet all the elders and the friends that supported us since the first day in November 2015: @melfore Rick, Mike, Fred, Hubs, @Artisans @Movado Dna, Btrflygrl30, BigdaddyJoe, Jcole1654.

But mainly the new generation friends who joined us in 2017: @JackBauer @vshield50 (StrikeTeamSquad) @tallinie (Skirmäel) @tabernac @Pig Flo, @bigbeano @banzai @jimmorrison369 @Murdoque @Georgi (Hope), Blood, Daytrax and JT13.

...and also a lot of long time missed friends: @OneLessTitan @Gladi DeathA, Chickenfarm, Dice, Sovth, Marley, Dods, KEG, Ninjago @srmcn1031 Husso and Jennifer.

And the "Retired" ones... rodents with the "Grind Syndrome" now having a break into the hot tube... :#

Rodents family Summer 2017:

And also thanks to the last "visitors": @Mystique (Rene), @Gindy @Shedead (MsDeni) and @DLH :)

A special thanks to Tribal and Sovth (...i know, i've been a bad boy...).

"Always be yourself unless you can be a capybara. Then always be a capybara".
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