Round passes after three rounds



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    Loving it now, knowing it’ll pay off later! Keep the three rounds!!
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    Keep it at 3 for the next two months and look at the data you will have gathered during that period.
    As many have said before, it is a step in the right direction. For me personally I might finally be able to reach a challenging map at higher lvls, that currently, due to lack of time, I never manage to get to. Collecting feedback here is step 1, checking your data after a 2 month period should be step 2! Then take a decision. There will always be players who will be unhappy as well as others who will be happy to embrace change. You will do the right thing, I am certain of that!

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    Like it!
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    Im in your guild and you can look at my progress. I was earning 5RP at 5 maps per with 2 level 20s. Starting a complete lower level makes it a lot easier to get 5.

    Now I am full level 20 toons and I still get to 5 round passes. But I earn more stars. The struggle at the end is about the same. If the right map I can clear 26 rounds. But that is depends on the map. I was 2 20 toons for several weeks and didn't complete 25 only once. Been at 20 all now 3 weeks and 100% at round 25
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    Yes please
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    I will make my previous suggestion even simpler. Let players start the challenge at any level they want. For the leaderboard, count only the top 30 rounds that a player has completed in their total in terms of stars.

    Player get to play as much or little as they like. Competitive players have to play at least 30 rounds.

    I picked 30, but you could make this any number. There is some strategy involved in making sure you don't start the challenge too high, so as you not able to finish 30 rounds. An easy problem for most competitive players.

    Players get to grind if they like for rewards.. Or they can just pay a few high level rounds without the grind.

    NG gets players playing the challenge again with good predicability in the number of rounds played. No round passes necessary.

    This idea should be easy to implement.
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    NG, please make round passes after 3 rounds permanent. There's still more tweaks to go in order to eliminate the grind and make challenges super enjoyable again (*cough* ultimate challenge *cough*), but this is a great start. Many of my guild mates and I were able to make new personal bests this week. Hunter week definitely helps, but the huge increase in skipped rounds was definitely one of the biggest factors.
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    Just in case you didn't understand the earlier posts I will translate. MAKE THE CHANGE PERMANENT! This message is for our hearing impaired developers. Close captioning brought to you by Liston, Upp and Nowe Attorneys at Law.
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    Please close this thread.
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