Guild Recruitment Spamming

Are there any moderators in these forums? The guild recruitment spamming is getting out of hand. Now it is spreading to the general forum. Please put a stop to it before it gets worse.


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    Oh sorry man, did not see the other categories. I moved my post already.
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    What else do you all expect to talk about in the guild forum? It's not like we have PVP challenges. You have too much time on your hands if the recruitment threads bother you.

    So are you saying you condone guild recruitment posts in the general forum too? Because that was the main point of my thread which you chose to miss or ignore.

    Oh and I read your comment on your other thread, so you already established yourself as pro spammer in terms of guild recruitment posts.
  • HeadhunterHeadhunter Member Posts: 199

    Good for you, knowing how to read. You could work on your comprehension a little, though. I am not condoning anything. Obviously your comments indicated your frustration with guilds "spamming" is beyond the general forum. I clearly said I find recruitment threads purposeful in the guild forum, as that is how guild's recruit... Also, I don't consider spam to be something that is non-offensive and relevant to the topic of the forum. Get over it.

    Right now you win. You can troll the forums as much as you want. You can post whatever you want wherever you want. My hope with my original post was that NG would take ownership and police their own forums. It doesn't look like that's going to happen.
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    I think it's part of the fact that people can not go back and "EDIT" their original post. Kinda like how some thread owners are going back into their threads and trying to close it down with the last comment only.

    I'd say the person who had opened the thread up first should've made the first part more generalized instead of "atm" time framed.
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    No! To be serious: iam a good player (200+ stars/event). But if i see such a spamming, the guild disqualified by itself for me. You can repost in the same thread (in the right forum), like every other guild does.
    Its sad that NG is not trying to moderate their forums. Some simple rules...
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    "Out of hand" is a bit of an exaggeration, i've moved exactly two threads to the Guild Discussion forum. That said, apologies for being a bit absent this week. You can always message me if you need my attention ASAP. We're working on moving some more moderators to the forums.
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