Radio event ended 4 hours earlier than promised

TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
While it's nice (for some players) that Next Games started the supply event early, it's very bad form to end the radio event 4 hours early.

I just ran about 10 missions with no radio rewards. And then I get this, which shows event ended.
I'm lost.

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  • TheLostOnesTheLostOnes Member Posts: 3,032
    It's now been out for an hour. Would be nice to know if it gets re-instated or not. Tagging @Fearofabotplanet who seems to be on the forum shift today. Thanks!
    I'm lost.

    Check out the DMZ guild. We're recruiting. Here.
  • HaoHao Member Posts: 9
    There is still no response here? I was trying to send a message in game, but it will occur an error.
  • I_Am_PsychoI_Am_Psycho Member Posts: 1,431
    Especially for those players not online before the ADVERTISED start of the event.

    My day was planned around it today. I noticed same thing as OP so raced staight here to see what is being said.

    The announcement clearly stated 1pm. It is currently 10:31am ... and I get a single radio, proving event isn't running AS INTENDED.
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  • NG_SamNG_Sam Staff Posts: 544
    Thanks for the tags everyone, the event end time in the news article was incorrect, as the event was due to end along with the start of the weekend event at the usual 09:00 UTC as is does each Friday. The weekend event is under-way, so we won't be re-starting the previous event. We'll make sure our processes are re-assessed to make sure this doesn't re-occur.
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