Help with these blue/gold survivors! Which ones should I train?

I’ve a couple of blue/gold survivors but I’m not sure which one I should focus on and invest in?
1) Assault: I boosted Wendy but I think Jimmy might be better?
2) scout: loved izz, but dissappointed of his 5th trait. Should I still train him? Is Norman worth investing? Not sure about the vigilant trait.
3) Warrior: Vicky looks good to me although she hasn’t Dodge. Is she worth investing? Is Jun a keeper?
4) bruiser: Aga is my favorite and hope to make her ‘pink’ (although i don’t exactly know What happens when u get a pink star?). Should I also invest in Mich or Carlos?
5) hunter: loved koen until he got his 5th trait... should I retire koen as Well as stevo?
Thanks all!


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