Pitchfork in trade store..

Will we ever get the the chance to use tg to purchase items such as the pitchfork again? My old one is maxed at lvl 23, and weapons are now at 26. Even though a rare(green) weapon it was alot of fun to use! It's been awhile since I recall any weapons for purchase like this. I think the last one was the flame thrower. @Teeceezy @Shteevie @Fearofabotplanet can this be brought up to bring back? Happy new year NML!


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    Or kingdom spear!
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    We would even settle for an epic one
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    That would have been lovely. Mine was so low in lvl that I did get rid of it. Make it epic too.
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    I like how NG responds to a post that has to do with them selling more bundles. But is no where to be found when the community is in an uproar about a radio event being cut short
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    @ekimhclew There was a response from our community team on the first page.
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    @ekimhclew you are right. we have absolutely no leverage in any discussion with them. so whatever we decide we will have eventually accept and move on. it sucks but that's the way it is. as long as they earn on game they will keep doing what they are doing.
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    Ask and you shall receive young one
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    Drunken said:

    Ask and you shall receive young one

    How's about some radios for the ones we were shorted when the radio event was wrongly ended early? ;)
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    Very nice gesture, but unfortunately, anything rare is too likely to get auto-scrapped (as I’ve painfully learned in the past), so I’m staying far, far away.
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    Outstanding! Thanks @Teeceezy !
  • TripodTripod Member Posts: 130
    @Drunken I've been playing this game since it started. Run a global top 50 guild. Pissed off as much as anyone else has a right to be about the bs and nerfs NG gets away with. But I like the pitchfork for scavenge and op raids. Even in green it's a solid scout weapon. The only rare weapon I even look at in this game. I'm sure alot of other people see the same advantages to this weapon as I do. So instead of getting bent and venting at NG like so many others do, I'm happy to see one thing I requested come to light. Gotta be Happy about something in this game. Cheers.
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    I am not one to ask for handouts for mistakes they happen. But I started playing back in Feb of this year. I have been buying bundles and upgrading and raging to get toons to 23. This game isn't designed for the newer player unless they spend.

    Where my frustration comes in is more on my part. I invested heavily in a game that has so many flaws and unjust actions on the behalf of the company but I let my judgment get the better of me and honestly if it wasn't for my guild I wouldn't have stayed in this game, but I want to be a top 20 player in a top 10 guild and I am getting close. I just don't know if I want to invest more without a direct message from NG themselves other than the typical "oops"

    But to the topic on hand of this post. I have never used the pitchfork I can see where it is beneficial, but with it being rare does it make it any better than a warrior with legendary? That is the question I wouldn't mind an epic at 20k TG that would go over well or even a Legendary @100k trade goods.
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    I'd love an epic version as well, but that's not gonna happen. And I can't see comparing to a warrior who doesn't have the distance to go as far as a scout. It's a freebie. I stopped dumping money into this game last year. For several different reasons. I've made it to and maintained top 50 player for almost a year now. I feel everyone's pain that spends money,or misses out on great deals because of ng mistakes. Believe me I've been through it all in this game. And like yourself, my awesome guildmates are what keeps me playing this game. But interest is beginning to fade very fast. They at least need to keep round passes at 3. Unfortunately I don't believe NG is too concerned with veteran players, seems the noobs are their target.
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    It is amazing what a google search can do. This game is far from the most advance phone based game out there. I believe PerBlue had a way better product and way more indepth game in Parallel Kingdom. I did a research on Next Games prior to spending money and the company is strong and developing games based off of maps. Perblue accomplished this feat back in 2008 using google maps for a live game using actual location. Sadly the developers tried to grow to fast and left behind their flagship game. Eventually the company sold for 37m.

    Reason I reference that game is because I can see similar things happening here. The reports read they are focused on their flagship, but yet in the 10 months I have played I have seen the customer service/game get worse and I have already been through this with Parallel Kingdom and the flags are starting to rise
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    Mine isn't showing a level. I assume it unlocks at highest scout level at time of purchase?
  • TripodTripod Member Posts: 130
    Click on it and it will show the lvl @General_Quatre
  • allent392allent392 Member Posts: 18
    I have been a free player for approximately 2 years now. I made my 1st purchase last week. Winter assault bundle. So I feel for all of that spend so so much $.

    I was always curious to why we could not buy any special weapons with in game resources. Then when they have offered a couple, they are low lvl items. Smh

    NG please make available legendary or epic special weapons using in game resources?

  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,242

    That is simple because pay to play is almost always put at an advantage. It is way easier to click buy to get that great weapon IE Pitchfork, Morgans Staff for example are two over powering weapons specific for pay to play.

    They could do a lesser version such as an epic and put in trade shop for some extreme amount such as 20m supplies(eliminates supply problem) or 50k TG(similar to radio you don't want players have extreme amounts less tempting to buy bundles)
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    Jenng said:


    I’ll take a short stack , please! :) With extra maple lol

    I'll take one too! And a coffee please!
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  • ADPaqADPaq Member Posts: 300
    Out of curiosity has anyone bought this pitchfork? If so, what situations is it good for?
  • MattOfEarthMattOfEarth Member Posts: 619
    @ADPaq It’s a “long range” scout weapon. You can attack from 1 whole space away, and kill 2-3 walkers on 1 turn. Don’t worry, you can still take burn damage from attacking even with the extra space!

    Oh, and it never comes with Swift Strike or Threat Reduction. Super fun!!!!
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    Thanks @Jenng and @MattOfEarth I think I'll give it a pass and use my TG for something more worthwhile.
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