Can I use a play card to purchase a bundle in-game?

I have a phone with no sim card in it but I have WiFi so I can still play. But b/c i have no sim card, I can't purchase things from the store through my phone company. So I ask, can I buy a sim card from a store and then use it to purchase in-game things? :#


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    I don't believe you can purchase anything for the game through any phone company.

    PayPal, Google or Apple gift card or Credit card are your only options.
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    I use WiFi only and I can make purchases from google play store on my android tablet and from Apple store on my iPad.

    You don’t need a SIM card, you simply need to connect your iOS device in the Game Center with an Apple ID, or Google Play with a google account.

    You can then use gift cards or credit card through either location.

    If you have an Android, look for an App called “Google Rewards”. You get sent random surveys on occasion, answering them will get you change.. seriously, like 0.10 cents to 0.50 cents. However over a week or so, you might get enough to buy a free gas day with the credit.

    If you need more info, or a walk through, feel free to private message me, and I can help you get setup.
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