Daily Gas Reward Glitch

Today I had a daily mission with at 10 gas reward. I completed this and claimed it. However, the promised gas was not added to my reserve.

Now, I had a full tank at the time, but any other time I received gas as a reward (crates, shop, other daily challenges) it always added to the total. Today it did not.

Has something changed in how gas is rewarded in the daily challenges?


  • TheDeanTheDean Member Posts: 20
    Strange. The game must be reading the forums. Mere seconds after my post my gas updated. But a good chunk of time went between the time I claimed the gas to when it showed up (enough for me to log into the forums and make a post about it).

    Very odd.
  • TJSTJS Member Posts: 4,501
    Sometimes there's a visual glitch with the amount of gas you have. Clicking on the gas icon will show the true reading.
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