When Does Double XP Start?

I see the weekend event is double XP. I have the 2x skulls on the missions, but the scavenge XP is the same as usual, not doubled. I played a few missions through to the end, but no double XP. I tried closing app and re-starting, no double XP.

Is there a certain time it starts?


  • MabikiMabiki Member Posts: 1,732
    Double XP for kills

    Scavenge rewards won't change, but a kill that normally gives 400 xp will give 800
  • dmar310dmar310 Member Posts: 83
    Oh, okay. I see. Thanks.
  • ladre5ladre5 Member Posts: 161
    If i buy an xp booster tomorrow will i get xp x 4 on kills? Would be awesome
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,137
    @ladre5 you will

    It will be doubled and shown when mission is finished
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,726

    Yep then run Maggie and then run armor with bonus. Easy XP. Problem is people swear by farming. I think if you are on an XP booster for $$$ I can earn 5-6m easy in a hour on scavenge plus chances at frags.
  • ladre5ladre5 Member Posts: 161
    I just made 55k on the bunker mission on kills, the one with the traps. Tomorrow i will 100k there a few times :)
  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,546
    Also if you use Glenn in the lead you will get double supplies (compared to what you would normally get since the supplies is based off the kill xp)

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