Trait: B1tch Nuts Does Not Work (would not let me post a discussion, had to ask question)

Bitch nuts does not work properly.

Bitch nuts should give a 12% boost to my assault team, so Liz for example has base damage of 2735 with Darryl as the leader.
When I select Abraham, that damage should go up 12% to 3063. But, the damage only goes up to a measly 2844.

This is not 12% more damage, it is only 109 damage difference when it should be 328 difference.
I get the same thing with my other assault players too, this is broken and needs to be fixed.

I have posted images here for review, this will show nicely how this is not working :


    bump for action.
    Still not working.. some kind of acknowledgement from the support mods would be nice.

    Is this flaw in the game going to get looked at?
  • general2673general2673 Member Posts: 39
    Personally i think that the 12% upgrade affects your base damage (before the weapon is calculated)
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  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    Heroes leader trait damage increase only apply to your survivor base damage, the base damage is the damage value minus badges damage, weapon damage & survivor damage boost trait.
  • _Hoss__Hoss_ Member Posts: 20
    It is working perfectly. It only applies to base damage, not weapon damage, weapon deadly attribute, badge bonuses, or survivor traits like marksman. Removing all of those and looking at my hunter's base damage of 1,015 and Abe's bonus of 13%, I get an overall increase of 132 points. That happens to be exactly 13% of my base 1,015. I did use a spreadsheet to check it all out though.
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