Top 3 Problems with the game

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For quick reference

0:35 Badges
5:00 The Distance
14:15 Challenge Grind

Challenge footage provided by MadAce and The Distance footage provied by @mimica . Both from Mavericks



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    Interesting video @Pain_Walker.
    It's quite a long video so I've only watched to when you finish talking about The Distance so far.

    I agree with most of your points regarding problems in the game.
    But I did want to point out a couple of incorrect statements regarding The Distance.

    You said, "We never see 30token Sasha reward for mission 7." (That's the exact reward this week) You mentioned the Legendary Fragment on The Distance start screen. This was removed and changed to an Epic Fragment many weeks ago.

    I'm not trying to derail your efforts to bring change. Just want players to get correct info.

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    @TJS Mistakes were made. I also said I haven’t played the distance for a month. I guess I should have checked these screens before
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    Are you gonna make a video about the top 3 things that are great about the game?
    You know, to coincide with your signature I can’t get outa my head.
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    Badges are so, so broken. Still not much of a response on the Legendary issue from NG unfortunately but it seems like a quick fix to adjust the odds.

    They might think its ok - but its quite clear from this forum and guild posts in game that it makes people angry.
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