Which bruiser?

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I really don't use bruisers much so probably would just focus on one bit both seem very good, really any reason to pick one over the other? Basically iron skin or def stance


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    Nice luck @Techfall! I'd pick Jeff, load him up with +health and damage reduction badges, and toss him into a pit of +5rsl walkers with Sasha or Morgan as leader and watch him go. I'll go with iron skin over defensive stance, since DS only works in overwatch and the beauty of retaliate and punish is to get 3 attacks per turn (normal attack, retaliate attack, punish). My bruiser is basically at the 80% damage reduction cap, so the extra percentage from DS would be lost anyways.
  • TechfallTechfall Member Posts: 168
    Thanks all, do you find yourself using bruiser at max? Are they helpful in distance?
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    Not sure what you mean by 'at max'
    If you mean fully upgraded and equipped then yes.
    And yes they are great for the distance once charged up. Handy for high lvl armored walkers.
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    Bruisers can be great. If you spend the money Morgans staff is legendary. Punish with his staff hitting 2-3 walkers gives me excitement
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    Jeff is perfect! Exact survivor I'm currently looking for.
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