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One of the aspects of gameplay that could use an overhaul / boost is most definitely the utilization of "Guilds". The main reason I bring this up is because, as of right now, Guilds are mainly a glorified Chat Engine, with minimal Radio Rewards during a Challenge. They can be soooo much more, allowing the game to develop into something bigger, something fierce, and have the capability to add a whole new dimension to the game.

Here is a comprehensive list of ideas/suggestions I've seen mentioned here, as well as in the Challenge Rework Discussion threads, that should warrant consideration for a future "rework".

@Shteevie said:
"Inter-guild competition: Players who are in the top half of their guild list earn a reward. Guilds need a minimum number of members to qualify."

@Maebalzurakin said:
I also really like the idea of personal challenges and guild competition.

@Jester_CGF said (heh):
Making a Tiered Ranking system w/ Rewards similar to the Outpost Raiding system would be a huge boost for Guilds in general.

Having "Guild Levels" similar to Survivor Levels, where Guilds level up based on the cumulative amount of Stars gained over time with rewards in place for each Level would be a huge boost to Guild Participation, and Challenge participation.

Having Guild vs Guild competitions where Guilds of equal Level pair off each week during a Challenge with Rewards in place for the winner, and lower Rewards for the loser, would enhance Guild Participation, and promote Guild Competition. Similar to how the Outpost system works - you are paired up with equally tiered players, the Guild with the most Stars at the end of the Challenge wins. This way Casuals fight Casuals, Hardcores fight Hardcores, but it brings a sense of competition to the game.

@dylanarena said (in response to inter-intra (haha) Guild Rewards:
Overall this sounds like a great plan. I love it.

@robotel said:
Why not instead of changing the Challenge you make a war between the guilds .

add a extra reward for the first five in the guild or something ...or add a extra reward for the first three guilds in a country this way i see the people will be much more motivated !!!!!!!!!!!!

- Increase the number of people in the guild

@JayZ said:
P.S. Love the idea of guild rewards.

@TheLostOnes said:
As it has been documented by @DLich and @OneLessTitan, the rewards for playing the challenges, (even if you are in a good guild) are FAR inferior to outpost raiding, which will hopefully be fixed with this.

@capibara said:
To keep heathy guild activity we need an addictional guild reward for each member of the guild based on his rank at the end of the challenge from number 1 to number 20.

@Marcus6253 made a suggestion regarding distribution of rewards.

@Jcsking1 said:
As @MadPuppy and @OneLessTitan have suggested - the phone rewards could be increased. Bearing in mind that most people save for the 15 radio call, a whole challenge session may not even provide a full 15 call depending on guild level.

@Jaden said:
I really like the idea of extra rewards for the top guild players. We just currently lost some of the top five because they felt that it was unfair that the bottom five got the same amount of guild rewards.

@Mark said:
Course I particular love the intra- guild rewards as your proposing! Leaders and guilds can get creative on how to keep player engagemnet within the guild and spice things up a bit.

Since guild movements is a routine thing, relying on number of missions played within the guild can also be a potential issue, since we all have off weeks and whatnot.. I like the top 10 within guild to get a set reward; this way guildmates are pushing for that 1-3 more stars.

In general; I really like this inner-guild reward proposal... We all joined a guild for one reason or other. I see this as one way to strengthen, have bit more fun within, and provide an avenue for creative engagements. Can't wait!!!!

@aws_137 said:
1) We reward intra-guild based on activity.
2) The intra-guild reward is based on the total number of stars the guild has earned, therefore kicking members last minute will affect the overall reward.
3) Kicking negatively affects the banisher's reward.

@JerryDixon said:
As far as the feature I'd like to see the most out of the stretch goals I would pick inter-guild rewards.

@RalphTheJoker actually started a promising thread which suggested:
What about some guild wars?

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@obwanton started a thread suggesting:
3 survivor slots for helping guild?

@soggybottoms suggested:
Guild recruiting overhaul

@iBolski suggested:
Separate chats for leaders/elders, private messaging and guild emails

@jacobwiedhat suggested:
As leader it really annoys me that i can't change my guild name.

@stridey suggested:
Anyone think its a good idea to have a guild level and incentives for getting a higher level?
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@bigmac suggested:
Elders need more things to do in the guild
This turned into a discussion regarding Gold Sharing, Item Sharing etc...
Community gold pot for recruiting
(Supported by @Verbaub )

TL;DR = Guilds need some lovin. There is a large sub-section of the community that want to see more participation, more competition, more "access" and involvement, with not only their own guilds, but other guilds as well. Truly making TWD:NML feel more like a community. Make guilds the foundation for something "bigger" and better than just a name on a Leaderboard!

Apologies for the Stephen King novel of a post, but this is something I feel passionately about - community driven competition and gamesmanship. And it all starts with a solid "Guild" foundation.

"Individually, we are but drops of water in the ocean. But together, we are the ocean!"


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