Promote bruiser?

I've been contemplating this for a while. So eventually I thought, "Why not just ask the fine people of this wonderful forum?"

Now I know some people have mixed feelings about having ruthless and strong on a bruiser. People think that since their main job is to stun, then doing more damage isn't really that pertinent.

I also like having iron skin and retaliate on my bruisers and I obviously can't have both of them on this particular survivor.


  • sbfsbf Member Posts: 466
    For me, I'd wait for one with iron skin, retaliate, and punish. Those are my three non-negotiables for bruisers. The three attacks per turn is brilliant, especially if you've got Sasha as leader (getting those charge points). Mine has strong and powerstrike as her 4th and 5th traits which is quite nice for damage, though luck and dodge are a great combo. Ruthless can work on a bruiser, since you do want to be able to deal some damage, but I wouldn't take it over the combo of retaliate and punish (an extra attack deals a good amount of damage and can get you charge points versus a ruthless attack giving the final blow). I waited a long time for my bruiser, and don't regret waiting for one to pour all of my tokens into.
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