Weekend Event?

Do we know what it is? Usually it's posted at 1pm EST via @Terminates' video, along with far too much discussion about cats.


  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
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    Sorry it turns out I was quick on the trigger and didn't know if it could be announced.
  • FahqbendoverFahqbendover Member Posts: 408
    Where’s confirmation on that?
  • zbotzbot Legendary Moderator Posts: 6,493
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  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    edited January 2018
  • CzarnyJoCzarnyJo Member Posts: 70
    @Pain_Walker said in his video ,,NG are listenning to the community''... We will get Hero Fest after asking for Hero Week Part 3 and after one of the moderators said it will be realised ,,Soon''.
    Or maybe they want us to get out of radios before Hero Week becouse cutting hours from phone event wasn't enought :D
  • The_OvercomerThe_Overcomer Member Posts: 182
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    @Pain_Walker Please remove the video link at the end of your video or allow it to be closed early as you cant read the text you wrote about the heros. Awesome video too thank you ...
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,241
    Why were some of the messages edited? It didn’t seem like @Fragzie’s post was premature as it was after 1 PM ET on Weds, when event announcements have already typically been made.
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  • msapaevmsapaev Member Posts: 480
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    so, it seems it'll be a 40-radio call with locking and an increased chance of getting tokens of carl, rick, tara, negan and dwight, won't it?
  • General_PainGeneral_Pain Content Creator Posts: 2,463
    @The_Overcomer Nice catch! Will edit when I get home.

    @CzarnyJo The Hero Fest Call was liked by many people so why not bring it back? Also you can always make a decision whether to keep radios for hero week or spend them on hero fest.
  • FirekidFirekid Member Posts: 1,871
    Yay might finally be able to unlock carl! Also hero week will be in the first couple of weeks in Feb when people have been paid after Christmas and have more money to spend on bundles!
  • RaffoRaffo Member Posts: 23
    Where is the hero feast announced in the video?
  • jrodrf2jrodrf2 Member Posts: 256
    > @Raffo said:
    > Where is the hero feast announced in the video?

    That will start Friday
  • DBonesDBones Member Posts: 800
    Well played @DLich , that was an awesome reply, LOL!!
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  • The_OvercomerThe_Overcomer Member Posts: 182
    So this weekends radio event is in place of Hero Week 3 or in addition to ?
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 1,998
    Michonne once again or riot :p
  • CzarnyJoCzarnyJo Member Posts: 70
    > @bladgier said:
    > Michonne once again or riot :p

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