Cool down gone and now the forum is in German!

I come here to see if everyone has lost their cool down and bonus’s for this weeks challenge and the forum is in german. I did notice one German comment suggesting they have no cool down but don’t read enough German to understand the answer. Lol
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    Yes, the forum finally has an area for the german community. :)
    The Cooldown topic was a question of understanding the system.

    Question could be answered. :#

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    Its just a German sub Forum. Everything Else is still in english ^^
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    Why is it listed under “child categorys” if I was German I might be slightly offended by this, unless there is a different meaning I don’t know about.
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    @Nick37 It's part of the forum software. Basically the General No Man's Land Discussion is the "parent" category, and the "child" category is the German subforum as it's part of the main discussion forum. :)
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    @Bill_ZRT , I have no clue what that says in English, but for some reason I find it a hilarious post. :D
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    Kind ist das falsche Wort
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    Hey! Deutsch bitte nur im Kinderforum. :p

    (Edit to add:
    a) I'm just joking and not trying to moderate or something. ;)
    b) I roughly said "Hey! Only use German in the child forum, please." )
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