NML Guild Council

Established in July 2016, the NML Guild Council attempts to represent players collectively with respect to issues within the game. The guild council uses the line app to communicate.

Membership is open to leaders and elders of all guilds.

If you wish to join send me a message here.


  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,128
    DTP elder here.

    Am I invited?
  • AuiloxAuilox Member Posts: 6
    Does this even still exist?
  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    @Auilox If @WastelandDan has any thing to do with it...No!
  • ray5545ray5545 Member Posts: 152
    I am elder of Taiwan Guild.
    Can i join the council?
    Thank You
  • jesterjester Member Posts: 2,752
    If you wish to join send me a private message.
  • PigPig Member Posts: 1,870
    jester said:

    If you wish to join send me a private message.

    I won't be surprised if you have say that a third time :D
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  • FireHawk505FireHawk505 Member Posts: 10
    edited January 2018
    i am from KillerFüchse,
    which guilds are represented in the council???
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