seriously 109.99 € for a bundle!?

I love this game. for about 1.5 years now there is almost no day that I missed playing .... but seriously NG 109.99 € for a bundle! don't you think that's way to much?!

the game is not really moving forward. yes, there are new challenge modes and you gave us the distance mode plus the episodes which are okay. but the main thing, the chapters are standing still. really spectacular new things are not coming. player statistics are going down.

and you really want over a 100 euros for a freaking bundle!? come on .... stay with your feets on the ground!!!
earning money with your work is okay ... but the prices for your big bundles are way too high baller dreams!
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  • TiddlesTiddles Member Posts: 55
    OMG This absolutely insane & very very greedy, I am fairly new player and already getting very p...ed off with game. Too many complaints of grind, badges, lagging, useless green gear etc. and NG do nothing about it but insult us with stupid prices.
    NO ONE on my guild play any more and I not bother looking for another one.
    This company very quickly heading for failure, in my business I see too many companies go bust because of greed & customer dissatisfaction.
  • ladre5ladre5 Member Posts: 181
    I want call for a boycott but guys: think a moment before spending money to this company. Just think a moment. And then u will not buy this insane bundles. And for f.... sake dont defend this bs
  • msrebeccamsrebecca Member Posts: 45
    Prices are crazy...but I haven't spent any money on this game for many i guess you could say it doesn't affect me...but it does affect my guild along with the many other problems that seem to be being ignored in favor of higher priced bundles...which does affect me n I can only wonder why people who do spend money regularly weren't given the option of the lower priced bundle
  • binzinbinzin Member Posts: 19
    edited January 2018
    Even the smaller offerings are stupidly overpriced. 9.99 usd for 30 phones...
    Is this a joke? Whoever isv in charge of this should be fired for being incompetent.
  • Nick37Nick37 Member Posts: 479
    Maybe in Finland the cost of living is much higher and $100 to them is nothing, or they think the rest of the world is on drugs but in any case does not effect me anymore as I refuse to spend a single penny on this game.
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