That Jerry bundle gives me the sads

The bigger bundle honestly makes me feel sad for how out of touch the developers prove themselves with their player base. Jerry is a minor character in the show with about six lines to date, and an inconsequential hero in the game. The fact that NG honestly thinks that people are going to fork over that kind of cash for dismal irrelevant garbage is worrying.
And as for the nerfing of the smaller bundles that proved so popular last time, NG demonstrates that once again, they can't leave well alone with something that makes them money AND keep players happy and engaged. No, they have to figure out how they can try to screw yet more profit out of it, thus ruining it. They really just can't help themselves, can they?
I bought 5 or 6 bundles last time around, as they represented decent value for once. This time, my $100 I had budgeted is staying firmly in my pocket, even if by some miracle Abe or Sasha shows up. And I would LOVE to see the purchase rates of bundles this time around to compare them to last time. I think NG have shot themselves badly in the foot with their greed here.


  • TiddlesTiddles Member Posts: 55
    I can tell you this for definite my friend, NG company will not last much longer, will get into serious financial problems in next few months if carry on ignore customers.
    My English may not be good, but my profession I good and involved liquidation of failed companies & shops.
    I hate seeing this happen and do not wish it to anyone.
    If you read this NG please get staff meetings to sort this problems out, remember customer is number 1 but company success also number 1
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