Sticking points - game maxed out?

I'm curious to see how many folks have had luck with getting past some of my current blocks in the game. I've attached a pic of my current top survivor team. Note, I'm kind of stuck with no way to farm or pay my way out at this point waiting on further releases to get better survivors and weapons (can't go above lvl 17 unless lucky with a call). Sure I could hope to mine or buy phones to try to get a lucky radio call with a 17+ lvl character but we all know how that will end.

Any suggestions welcome.

10-4 "Blockade" Nightmare - I can't seem to get through the masses fast enough to close the 3rd blockade before Lvl 22 walkers come out of the walls. I've tried to rush and also the patient approach. No luck. Tried about 20 times so far.

11-1 "Beneath the Dirt" Nightmare - I mean come on...multiple level 21 fatties with health 6724!!! (pic attached). Only hope is to go around them but there are hoards of 19's and 20's blocking all paths. Will try to sprint though and get "Killed no Walkers" achievement! Ha.

13-1 "In Ruins" Hard - can't make it through the piles of high level armored walkers. Lvl 19 starting and spawning higher and higher.



  • zmansbrzmansbr Member Posts: 36
    I should add that lately on these levels, I'm only getting level 17 weapons and armor ... which can't be worn my level 16 characters. Useless.
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    just keep swimming
  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 581
    I haven't made it as far as you yet. Mostly because I only just started making lvl 16s recently. What I noticed, is the upgrades, provide additional characteristics to your characters. Two of your team have no unlocked attributes yet. I think If I were you, I would try to get higher star characters that have good attributes.

    I have 12 of 12 characters, all are epic max lvl 15-17 and now I have 3 legendary max lvl 17. I've tossed other high lvl characters, because I didn't like their attributes. Same with weapons. What I'm saying is a level 16 pipe, doesn't have the benefits that an upgraded level 15 pipe would have. Essentially, a level 15 legendary pipe could be upgraded to beyond that of standard non-upgraded lvl 16 pipe. Same goes for your team.

    Look into the different attributes and what they could do for you if you had upgraded epic, or legendary troopers instead of the average joe blow.
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    just do deadly exploration missions and hope for a bunch of radios. then wait for increase epic/leg drop event..

  • zmansbrzmansbr Member Posts: 36
    @Camel56, yeah I think you're right. I was keeping survivors that who had a very high max level but in retrospect that's useless cuz you can't level them up and you can't open up their abilities. I'm more set on weapons though. Now my problem is that I have almost no missions left to explore and find characters because I've completed up to Episode 9 in Nightmare.

    For me, only Episode 12 and 13 still have exploratory missions and no way am I going to risk a character doing a deadly mission in 12/13 hard.

    I think I'm stuck until the open up higher level training camps.
  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 581
    I'm using lvl 16 characters as well, and I can easily get through the deadly in both 12 and 13. I think they start wil lvl 15 or 16 walkers. I've been using 2 hunters, and 1 warrior and seldom get hit. Though I use a passive approach and use overwatch the first couple of turns, and wait for the first spawn. Since my hunters are still on the start line, the spawn usually 2, walk though my guys and end up in front. If they're close together, I can get them both with my warrior with wide arc. I usually pick up chests with the warrior, as long as there aren't any walkers close (less than 4 spaces) and my hunters are in overwatch.

    I don't think the exploratory missions change in hard or nightmare. I believe they're the same as normal. My 12 and 13 is in hard mode now, since I haven't done any of the actual missions yet. The side missions are 3900 XP, and 7800 cans, and of coarse the deadly gives you whatever.

    Give it a try. There aren't that many walkers in the deadly in 12 or 13.
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    I just did Black Forest Episode 12 deadly. Here are a few screen shots.

  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 581
    Sorry, they got out of order? At the end, I just stayed there and waited for 2 lvl 19 walkers and killed them before I left. I only used the hunters in overwatch, and didn't use them to shoot manually. If I hadn't waited for the lvl 19 walkers before leaving, then there would only have been 16 walkers in the whole thing.
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    Yeah I just did a few of these two. Piece of cake. Thanks! But wow...back to lots of farming.
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