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    This is my first time at 31/3 i m very happy, hilltop is a problem for you? Why don't you call Mario the bruiser?
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    I’m noting, without shock, that those who are pleased and making highest RSL then ever are also your people with high level equipment and survivors.

    Some of us have been accused of normally stepping away once we reach our RSL level that is equal to our survivors, no names mentioned on that one !!!

    Anyways, as a low to mid level player, my official input is you have done what so many Endgamers, as they call themselves wanted, however I feel as if I was tossed under the “Your opinion does not matter” bus with glee.

    I try very hard since the first day I was accepted into a guild to always hold up my end of the deal. Work hard, meet the minimum, and always push to do better. I am not Atlas and this rock has broken my back. I have come back every 2-3 hours to literally attempt the same mission over and over and over. I have burned so much gold on healing that I feel we have just found “The Lost Dutchman’s Gold”.

    Can I ask a personal favor? Just shoot me. Instead of making me watch my favorite people, who I have put a lot of time into, get eaten over and over and over!

    I think Hilltop would have been enough for even Rick and Maggie to throw their hands up and walk away!
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  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    Could someone tell me, at exactly how much +rsl, you get 3 stages?
    My highest survivor is 19, most are 17, and I’m on 24.2. My mate is same level survivors on 25.1, neither of us has had a (.3) option in this challenge.
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    Proof of this week's magnificent Ultimate challenge...
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    Awesome post by @putchuco above, specially the observation on around 30 rounds being optimal, f2p players deserving a shot and strong walkers not being a real challenge.

    I've pushed to RSL 34.2 and faced a clear "wall", where I can't move on. With less grind I had time to work around every map until my limit and I feel like I got every star I could possibly get.

    The grind can be reduced a little bit and the flood of strong walkers as a way to increase difficulty should be avoided, as it is just a gold drain for gamblers. I've stated multiple times that the "interactive jackpot machine" factor should be avoided at all costs as this is a strategy game.

    As for the Challenge thing, the team I used to beat the infamous "Hilltop" RSL 34.1 was Sasha + Assault + Bruiser (screenshot attached), and using a Bruiser at such high RSL made this otherwise bitter challenge experience a remarkable one, contradicting some of what I said above. I like these dynamics.

    @Shteevie @kaz @Teeceezy I think we are close. Hope my feedback helps.
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    I finish 32,2 this weekend and Sunday I don't bother to open Hilltop.
    When open hilltop it's easy, if the fat and armed spread all over run away.
    If clear spot on left or right go for it .
    Early Sunday I had open hilltop around 20 times and no luck, the walkers spread all over so no point to try.
    I was bored and tired of the game and I feel I play lottery and run without play.
    I know I should push to 33,1 for more star and loyalty to my guild because if I use 1000 more gold in healing I know I manage.

    But I now so tired about everything.

    I see NG say in this forum they don't know it was so many heavy and armed walkers that's crap.
    In real life I have join a lots of program test for company's and the program always do what the people say it will do.

    I don't know about solution for the game longer .
    I know I like play and I agree to cut down the grinding but not make the game to a lottery.

    I have use time and money to build up my survivors and gear only to see NG damage game more and more.
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    I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet or not.. but aside from Helltop and the gripe about Round Passes.. Has the fact that we didn’t have a cool down timer been brought up?

    Is this something that is being considered for the new challenge system or was this just a teaser this week? @Kaz
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    > @Mystique said:
    > I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet or not.. but aside from Helltop and the gripe about Round Passes.. Has the fact that we didn’t have a cool down timer been brought up?
    > Is this something that is being considered for the new challenge system or was this just a teaser this week? @Kaz

    Well said @Mystique !

    I think we can safely say that the timer lock no longer makes any sense and does not have any impact on NG's plans. As I see it, it's there just to generate frustation.
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    Thanks a lot for the very well-stated feedback, @Putchuco
    It's very true that the hilltop setup, which was not intentionally different from before, took the majority of the attention in this past weeks' challenge. Like most other peculiarities in the game, it received a very mixed reaction. The need to 'game' the starting setup in order to win on very high difficulties made some behaviors more common this week, and others less common.

    While it wasn't what we expected, it does give us some additional context and is a chance to learn more than we had hoped about how players react to situations like these.

    I think that we're on the right path to a Challenge system that takes the best aspects of the several events we have had recently, and I hope to bring you more info about it soon.
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    UC was fun thx, hilltop was a challenge but still fun, made you use a different strategy thx
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    Thanks for the response @Shteevie

    That makes sense. Now, my only question is: Was there no test run before the challenge went live? It seems like the unintended spawns would have been pretty obvious on just a couple play-throughs.
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    Wait...does this mean spawn blocks have been nerfed?
    Shteevie said:


    Fast forward 18 months. Now we have Season Missions, with very specific numbers of enemies needed to make the event triggers occur correctly. Some players report that standing in the wrong place causes missions to become blocked, since a needed enemy is prevented from spawning. It takes time and limits the mission designers to fix each of these issues and/or work around them when they make new Season missions. So, we introduce a change that basically says "if a spawning enemy's space is blocked, spawn in any free adjacent space."

    Now, running Memory Lane for the first time since that change, those extra special walkers that used to be restricted by the number of spawn points they had available are free to spawn wherever they want. Now you see how there were often clumps of 3 Armored or 3 Tank walkers near each other on that map.

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