Epic with 5 call!

I guess that makes up for the Uncommon I got on my last 15 call.

Now if I could just get something other than an Epic Assault. I have 4 of them now. I would trade 2 of them for Epic Hunter.


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    Assaults are like Onions. It's all about layers of damage.

    Think of it this way. Say you take two shooters. We can pretty much say that each turn you can kill 2 zombies with certainty, even at a recommended level of +1. But unless you have your charge ability, it's always only two.

    Now, bring two assaults. Each assault, by themselves won't reliably be able to kill a single zombie at +1(ok, depending on weapon they can - but most won't). However, with the two assaults working together, as long as you play your angles right and layer the cones of fire on top of each other - your two survivors can now kill 10+ zombies per turn.

    Shooting two things for 1000 damage each is just 2000 damage.
    Shooting 10 things for 500 damage each, twice, is 10000 damage.

    So, aggregate damage is higher, even though the individual's damage is lower.
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  • BarcodeJBarcodeJ Member Posts: 403
    Haha i am still stuck with 2 star assault but have 1 legendary and 2 epic hunters plus epic shooter and 2 epic scouts.
  • DrBOBDrBOB Member Posts: 223
    Just picked this up trying to replace a lost shooter got this from a 15 call
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    Send me a PM if interested
  • DrBOBDrBOB Member Posts: 223

    DTP Elder
    Send me a PM if interested
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  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    I got a Legendary Assault with a 1 call last week.
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  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    @BarcodeJ see! If we had the swap ability you and I could trade. :grin:

    @zoson now that I have epic assaults, I have been having a lot more luck with that strategy. One of them has a weapon with a small cone - and that's annoying. But I took 3 of them on a mission just for fun. Wasn't successful - but it was nightmare mode. Anyway I think I'm learning to use them in lieu of a hunter.

    @DrBOB Sweet!
  • SmittYSmittY Member Posts: 372
    These assault epics are common. They're all losers, that much I can tell you. I also got one of these from a 5 call. WORTHLESS. Epic assault times two to replace one hunter??? No thanks. BTW I have 5 Shooters all legendary or epic and still cant get more hunters to emerge
  • misfit44misfit44 Member Posts: 484
    @SenoiaSurvivor you got an uncommon from a 15??!! Thats terrible , i thought the 15 calls were supposed to be rare or higher.
  • gabriel_lwhgabriel_lwh Member Posts: 454
    agreed with @misfit44 , I have never pulled anyone lower than a rare class from using 15 call option.

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  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    misfit44 said:

    @SenoiaSurvivor you got an uncommon from a 15??!! Thats terrible , i thought the 15 calls were supposed to be rare or higher.

    i think she meant 15 x 5radio call.
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    uncommon from a x15 call should never happen and never has for me.
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  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    Nope. 15 phones gave me uncommon. Wish I had a screen shot, now. I was not happy.
  • Camel56Camel56 Member Posts: 568
    I just looked at the radio tent.

    It says " guaranteed 3 to 5 star survivor" for the 15 call...should be rare at 3 star, 4 epic, and the ever elusive 5 star legendary!
  • manicornmanicorn Member Posts: 45
    I didn't get one legendary during the legendary weekend, but picked up this legendary warrior with my level 5 tent yesterday.
  • Annette578Annette578 Member Posts: 501
    He is awesome! Start getting that XP, & it will take awhile to get him to a great lvl, hope you get a weapon to match! I have a lvl 15 rare, she has a great shovel with a wide arc, kills 3 walkers at once. Imagine what he will do, once he is up to a 16 ! Walkers Beware! ;)
  • WalkerKillr76WalkerKillr76 Member Posts: 22
    I quit doing 15 calls cause all I was getting was uncommon.....junk. My radio tent is max level btw
  • SenoiaSurvivorSenoiaSurvivor Member Posts: 528
    OK. Glad to know it wasn't just me. @WalkerKillr76 Looks like we need to take a Screenshot and report it if that happens again.
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    much better take a video as a proof.. 15radio call shouldn't give 2 star below..
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