Trophy-room building

RankaRanka Member Posts: 125
Some gear has emo value. So why not the posibility to make it a trophy.

I would vote for a "Trophy-room" building in my camp.


  • I would rather have the retired and dead survivors as trophies in the memorial that you can actually select them and still see them with all their stats and whatnot
  • I would rather get more of the Xp I poured into opening the gear back when I scrap it than have any of this but both are intriguing ideas :)
  • xX13Shadow08XxxX13Shadow08Xx Member Posts: 9
    I feel like even if you sell your survivors that you should still be able to see them in the memorial cause even though I poured a lot into that survivor I would honestly rather see how many days they survived or how kills they got rather then get the exp. back for them
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    It would be nice to see everyone's kills
  • @xX13Shadow08Xx

    Whaaa? Sell your survivors! Who are you selling them too? Are you refering to the "retire" feature?
  • AlibabaAlibaba Member Posts: 1,275
    Interesting concept!

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