Why You Are or Are Not Spending Money in NML.

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Please be constructive so NG can see how they might improve here.

Why You Are or Are Not Spending Money in NML. 69 votes

I won't spend money as I am unsure of the games future / roadmap.
Tripodwarden4play 3 votes
I would be happy to buy / support in game purchases if I knew the games future / roadmap.
clausLeneromeoEdd8 3 votes
I am happy with prices and buy regularly.
I would make purchases in game but feel prices are too high.
ElkadorTheCrabpkerr116MetalSteinarGeirDrUnpleasantSleeperyJeemWhoareyouladre5 10 votes
I won't spend money now as price and value used to be much better.
pirate11258900rpmflyingcowkingNick37Drunken 5 votes
I purchase only when I see a good special or deal.
TAnchoatrainofficialantNeilFiced1979NCDawgFaneuchidKyrusJayZTroublemakerMadPuppybladgierzbonesp_herianabailey362Koolotheldssdlevilightsanthony172suzequeue 29 votes
I won't spend money at all, I am happy to play for free.
zeeblackdocfinzenburgChrangBryolashaunatthepubADPaqRealClareBCBgaming1969TechfallaquilaDukeIronyDeathwish19 12 votes
Other (Comment made below).
[Deleted User]Artminius淡水地鼠dlbGeorgeRomeroRouvinatorRbredt 7 votes


  • The_OvercomerThe_Overcomer Member Posts: 182
    I purchase only when I see a good special or deal.
    @Rbredt thanks for your comment. Could you please select other in the poll so we know your vote, thanks.
  • bladgierbladgier Member Posts: 2,094
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    I purchase only when I see a good special or deal.
    9.99 brit pounds worth bundle with 1k gold and 60 radios and some tgs and hero tokens - well worth it!

    1k gold decreased to 500, price up to 12.99 count me out. Simples.
  • The_OvercomerThe_Overcomer Member Posts: 182
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    I purchase only when I see a good special or deal.
    @Kaz Some feedback from the Community regarding pricing. Hope this helps.
  • SleeperyJeemSleeperyJeem Member Posts: 104
    I would make purchases in game but feel prices are too high.
    Most of the bundle prices are outright offensive to me. A mobile game shouldn’t have a $99 anything, especially when all the items are useless in short order.

    Some of the event bundles have been ok, but COME ON.
  • dlbdlb Member Posts: 299
    Other (Comment made below).
    You are precious; you actually think they give a damn what we think. I spent 150 to 200 usd a year on lame ass Evony for 5 years and i had intended to do about the same on this game. Then i had an in game issue and "customer service" devoted all of their time to telling me i was wrong instead of opening their minds to the possibility that i might know my ass from a hole in the ground. I have 700 badge components and couting that will never get used because they dont let fragments drop enough. Then there is crafting that brings anger and disappointment to all. Im on a run of a least a dozen rolls that have all produced the lowest possible outcome. Not only will i not spend money on this game, but i will never download another ng game due to their smug attitude. Almost forgot, the mission crates, they are rigged. The order of what opens is predetermined. They do not open randomly and gold crates are left on the board disproportionately. Start tracking the gold crates and always open the same 6 crates. On average you should find 66% as long as you are consistent and you only do missions when commercials are available.
  • ShadowaceAzShadowaceAz Member Posts: 3,402
    I purchase only when I see a good special or deal.
    I selected “good special or deal”, but it’s more of a hat tip to NG because I enjoy the game and it fills a need I have. Many other FTP games I’ve tried are simply impossible to do much unless you pay. NG didn’t do that to us.

    Most multiplayer games I’ve tried, you log in the next morning and a day ± of work is simply gone because you got raided. NG didn’t do that to us, even if your Outpost is raided you don’t lose any of your TG’s.

    Some multiplayer games allow you to pick a target, so all the friends in a click raid the same person basically making that person suffer multiple weeks worth of loss. NG didn’t do that to us.

    Many games allow a system wide, or area specific wide, message/broadcast selection that is 1) distracting to say the least and 2) only partially offensive on a ‘good day’. NG didn’t do that to us.

    Some games you buy something and it’s only good for a limited time/location/mission. OK, NG did do that to us.

    I’d be happy to buy more often, (spend more often), if items purchased didn’t become useless after a measly upgrade or two. I understand if you could buy an awesome piece of armor or weapon you could upgrade the chances of you making another purchase diminishes greatly however [ @Kaz this parts a take away], maybe you could only upgrade it say, 3 times? With a notice on it saying how many upgrades remain. I would probably be inclined to purchase gear much more often if it meant I didn’t have to drudge through remaining at a level because I have a great big pile of, hmmm let’s say Nothing, to upgrade for my next level.i can go a month or so without anything worthwhile. The TG items have potential, but my gift of NG hates me RNG dice, has not been removed yet and I continue to get things I wouldn’t even allow my mother in law to wear in a fight.

    Bottom line for me is, have I been enjoying my time or not. I’m still a little fish in a big pond and I find myself still attracted to all the possibility that is here.

    Everyone plays their own way and since I’ve only been around a handful of months, not years like Rufus, I still enjoy running as long as I could in the Challenges and I still get a beating in Normal distance, again though, I am but one voice carried on many winds.

    Could something be done to encourage me to drop more ‘mooolllah’? Yep, would my wife be excited? Nope which I honestly admit is why I don’t buy a gas booster more than once in awhile.

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  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,070
    I purchase only when I see a good special or deal.
    I regularly buy gas since patience is not my best attribute but unless the bundle is an obvious great "value for my money" or offers a genuinely unique weapon I can use (like Morgan's staff), I'm just not interested.
  • DrunkenDrunken Member Posts: 1,357
    I won't spend money now as price and value used to be much better.

    Your community is speaking to you. No where does this say they like the new 9.99 bundles. Todays isn't so bad but you basically offer 500 gold more and 500 TG more. But you subtract 30 radios. That being said 500 gold is equal to 10 radios so reality is 500 extra TG is costing us 20 radios.

    I have no clue why you all are so damn pressed to not give us the traditional bundles. I realize NG is a company, but is the 20 radio difference going to break the bank? Or is it going to impact you more by having people not buy? Last week I told you I would have spent money on the bundle had it been inline with previous bundles. That is 29.97 lost on your end. Todays bundles I would have spent another 19.98 on the bundle if it had 50 radios. Then I would have also bought the full XP bundle for 27.99, but I am still boycotting till the bundles become more respectable. The 27.99 is actually a nice one and its a shame because I would love to buy to finish upgrading another hero.

    Please read this post and proceed with caution. YOUR community is speaking to you.
  • NeilFNeilF Member Posts: 22
    I purchase only when I see a good special or deal.
    I don't mind dipping in for the packs that include weapons or armour, particularly as they often have the most desirable traits (for me).
  • abailey362abailey362 Member Posts: 304
    I purchase only when I see a good special or deal.
    i will still buy bundles that are good deals, but don't spend nearly as much as i used to. i understand that to keep the game going that weapons will eventually become obsolete, it's the frequency that it has happened during the last few updates that makes me hold back.

    we went from lvl 20 to 23 within a few months, which completely killed a lot of recently purchased gear for me.
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  • ALF4realsALF4reals Content Creator Posts: 288
    I purchase only when I see a good special or deal.
    I wish I could see those bundles for like 2.99 that filled my supplies gave me an extra survivor slot and something else to sweeten the deal
    Trust in NG *rubs ears* woo-sahhh

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  • GeorgeRomeroGeorgeRomero Member Posts: 65
    Other (Comment made below).
    I would certainly buy weapon/armor bundles if they could be upgraded further. They become obsolete after upgrading survivors. For example, I currently have a survivor with a damage boosting badge and legendary weapon that's maxed out but still have trouble killing a walker 2 levels higher. A weapon of even lower level just doesn't work.
  • RouvinatorRouvinator Member Posts: 107
    Other (Comment made below).
    Only a Booster here and then. When i want to play longer or the weekend Event kicks ass.
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